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He Just Wont Let M3 Go!!!

You know how you know some one is doing wrong in the relationship, but you dont want to admit the truth to others or to yourself, but when u finally find out, you cut that person lose,but they wont let you go no matter WHAT well thats what this story is about my name is y/n an im the captain of the cheerleading squad at Lakeview High school in LA. Your boyfriend is the captain of the football team Life cant get any better for you, but it can get worse, you are about to face heartache,abuse,and love all at once, but is it worth it???? Lets find out

Trey- y/n boyfriend



Kiya- y/n best friend

Ok this is my first story that I'm posting so please show your gurl sum love lol!!

(At school..Bell rings)
Kiya- im so glad its Friday, what we gonna do tonight

y/n- (exhales) i dont know

Kiya- wats wrong wit you, problems with Trey?

y/n- yeah, you already know he's up to something and if i find out what it is,its gonna be his ass

Kiya- correction we gon beat his ass, speaking of which here he comes (he walks up)

Trey- wats up baby

y/n- nothing y?

Trey- damn wats your problem

y/n- i dont have one (rolling your eyes)look Trey we nee to talk later, you think you can stop by my house after school (as you watch him text on his fone)

Trey- i dont know I may have to meet someone

y/n POV- yeah an ass whooping

y/n- like who!!!

Trey- uh...

y/n- you know what Trey you will be at my house after school, DONT show up if you want to(you give him the eye and walk away)

(After school, you and Kiya went shopping)

Kiya- im so sick of shopping (yall look at each other

Both- NEVER!! (laughs)

y/n- u so crazy

(so yall continue on with yall shopping. On yall way out yall saw a guy passing out flyers)

y/n- i wonder wats that for

Kiya- lets go see

M/v- would yall like a flyer?

y/n- yeah wat is it for?

M/v- there is this community and me and my guys are hosting a party 2marra nite

Kiya- foreal

M/v- yeah im passing out these flyers cuz i dont know alot of people, I just moved down here, so if you could please pass the word

y/n- (smiling) sure no problem, um we didnt get your name

M/v- oh i'm Chris (he shakes hands)

y/n- im y/n

Chris- ooh, thats hot

y/n- thanks (his cell rings)

Chris- aite yall hope to see yall there

Both- bye

y/n- oh, he is fine

Kiya- i guess (laughs) look at you

y/n- wateva

thats just a taste of the story, i hope yall run it, because its about to get crazy early!! lol


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With Chris…

I had spent almost an hour at the police station telling them all that has happen…I hated goin to the police because they take their time tryna help… All they told me was if anything happens call them immediately. Wow…as if that helps. After leaving the station I got in the car and drove back to the condo to check on things…When I got there, everything looked normal. I checked the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, closets, and the patio…everything was crystal clear.

I stepped back out onto the patio and thought back when Y/n and I first got this place. We both were happy to be away from all the drama. We started our new lives here in NY, where I plan to stay and have a family with Y/n. She is my life my future. Nobody is gonna take that away from me. I couldn’t believe all of the stupid ass bulls*** was going on…AGAIN!!! All of the sudden I heard a door close behind me. I quickly turned around and I instantly felt the pain of metal striking me in the head….my vision automatically became blurred and the ringing grew louder…before I knew it…I was out!

Nick- *laughs* this m’fugga out like a f***ing baby

James- Indeed he is. Tie his ass up some damn where. I’m gonna beat the f*** out of his ass for all the s*** I let his ass get away with. *chuckles* Where his b**** at?!

Nick- I don’t know. Hell, if we lucky she should show up lookin for his ass. What do you plan to do to her?

James- I’m gon let you handle her ass…I want this nigga!

Y/ Pov

I got up from the cold bathroom floor and walked towards the mirror looking at my pale reflection. I turned on the water and splashed it on my face. I dried off my face and headed back into the front. I looked at the clock and it was a little after 8. I didn’t know where Chris was. He still had not come back yet. I had a feeling deep down that something wasn’t right. But then again, when is anything ever right? I walked on the side of the bed to put on my shoes, and that’s when I saw a note on the nightstand.

<em>“Y/n, I love you. I always have and I always will. You gave meaning to my life when I met you. I no longer live for myself, but for US. Every thing I do is for us. I know things haven’t been the best, but knowing I have you everyday of my life is the GREATEST thing ever. Things will get better baby. I promise you that. I’m out taking care of business now. If you need me here’s my new number. Call me for whatever. I love you baby.”</em>

“I love you too” I said out loud before picking up the hotel phone and dialing his number. I needed to hear his voice. The phone continued to ring and ring until it went straight to voicemail. “You’ve reached Chris…” I hunged up and tried calling again…but this time it picked up…

Y/n- Chris? Are you there?

James- well, well, well…I was hoping you would call us Y/n, Chris is out at the moment, but you’re very much welcomed to come over and wake his ass up!


James- hold on, calm down now babygirl…his ass still alive for now. Why don’t you bring your fine ass home, so we can have little party…you better not invite the cops. If you do, Chris, your girlfriend, and her nigga are all dead!!

Kiya- Y/N HELP US!!!

I could hear her yelling in the background, then hearing him slap her


James- *laughs* I’ll like to see that! Get here now *hangs up*

Y/n Pov- I screamed off the top of my lungs in anger as I ripped the phone out of the wall throwing it at the tv. I screamed so loud that I ended up throwing up all over the floor as Tears ran down my face uncontrollably. I didn’t have time to clean up that s***. I rinsed my mouth out, put on my shoes, and stormed out of the hotel.

Kiya Pov

Here we were, in the middle of Y/n’s condo in the f***ing dark as tears streamed down my face. This nigga had all three of us bound to a f***in chair with rope, and had duck tape over our mouths. My face was still burning from when this m’fugga slapped me. Mike was beat up pretty bad for cussing that nigga out. He had a big gash on the side of his head from being struck with the gun, and his lip was bloody. But Chris…he was in real bad shape. His entire face was covered with blood, as his head hung low almost lifeless.

I cant tell you how many times he was struck in the face with the gun. Blood from his face continued to drip onto the white carpet. This nigga would hit him just because he couldn’t respond. He kept tellin Chris he was going to make him suffer before dying, and that’s exactly what he was doing. Suffering. I pray to God Y/n calls for help. There was no way she could handle these two by herself.

James- Your b**** should be on her way…well she wont be yours for long…aint that right Nick *he smirked*

Nick- *laughs* I’ve been waiting patiently to have my d*** inside of her, and tonight is the night…

When he said that Chris struggled to get free again…as they laughed in his face. I knew what they were saying was making him angry. We all felt helpless because there was nothing we could do.

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RUN IT!!!!

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i love this story!! run it

Y/n cried herself to sleep while I was thinking of a way to deal with this situation…The only two things I can think of is getting the police involved…that means the two bastards will still be breathing…or kill’em…which would be so much better IF I didn’t have Y/n on my side…smh …I cant risk going to jail…and leaving her alone….cant do it…sighs…f***…I have no choice!!

Y/n’s Dream…..

Here I am…in an empty room, on the floor, sitting in indian style…facing a mirror. My face is pale…as if there was no life left in me. My skin was dry and peeling. My hair was brittle. When I looked down at my hands and felt on my face…it was the total opposite…it was ME…but my reflection in the mirror showed something else…it showed death

M/v- *soft voice in the distance* Y/n….

Y/n- *looks around* who’s there? Chris? Chris is…is that you?

M/v - I love you…I need you to be here with me…

Y/n- I love you too, but baby where are you?

M/v- Im rite here…

Y/n *looks around* Where?!

Out of nowhere this male figure appeared standing behind me…my eyes were in complete shock at his reflection in the mirror…it was Trey.

Y/n- *horrified* Trey?

Trey- *smiles* its me baby…I’ve missed you so much *gently touching ur cheek*

I turned my face away from his cold touch and I tried to get up from the floor, but i couldn’t my body would not budge…I was stuck in this one spot…he sat rite next to me on the floor and stared at me…I was horrified…this couldn’t be happening…

Trey- relax…I’m not here hurt you *takes deep breath* I just want to talk to you…

Y/n- *confused/scared* talk?..... talk to me about what? Where am I?

Trey- We’re in your dream…

Y/n- …….why are you in it?

Trey- unfinished business….Listen Y/n… I love you and I’ve NEVER stopped *he smiled* I know i did some awful things to you Y/n, but my love for you has never changed. You have always and will always have my heart. When you caught me cheating, and left me…I was hurting so bad…and I just wanted you to feel my pain

Y/n- *voice cracking /crying* to feel YOUR pain?!! Trey…ar…are you serious?? …how about feeling MY pain for once. All the lies, the cheating, making me feel lonely and unloved, and worse of all…raping and beating me til I almost died….did you ever stop ONCE… to think how all of your bulls***t made ME FEEL??

Trey- No. I never did…not until that night I took my last breath…that bullet took away my family who I miss and love, my friends, and most importantly you At that moment I felt all your pain.. and Right before I died…I saw Chris there as you held me. It killed me to see my life flash within seconds thinkin how I wasn’t gonna be the one marrying you…being the father of your kids, and growing old with you. My life with you was over…and I’m the one to blame. I cant take away the things ive done…and I know the bad and good memories will never fade…but Y/n, baby…you have to believe me when I say I’m so so so so sorry, and I still love you. I never will stop loving you, and if I had another opportunity to treat you like a Queen, I would.

At this point tears was streaming from my eyes…he seemed so sincere…but I didn’t know what to think…my mind was running in 50 million directions. Trey was my first love and we’ve been through a lot together…I’ve always cared for him, but the love I used to have for him was gone…it was gone and buried.

Y/n- Wh…what do you want from me? *sniffs*

Gently takes your hand

Trey- I don’t want anything from you…I NEED for you to forgive me…please say you’ll forgive me Y/n…my soul hasn’t rested and wont til I know you have forgiven me…please…

Y/n *crying* Trey…I…I

Trey- please baby, forgive me *he pleaded*

Y/n- I…forgive you…*crying harder* I forgive you…

He kneels over and gives me a warm hug…and out of nowhere this bright light…brighter than the sun shined throughout the entire room…

Trey- *lookin towards it and smilin* Thank you. Its time for me to go…but before I do, you need to know that Chris needs your help, you must find him. He's walking into his own death. I’ll watch over you and protect you while up here, something I didn’t do while on earth… *smiles* I’ll always love you and hold on to the good times that we’ve shared. I’ll never let go of us…

Y/n- *Yelling* WHAT DO YOU MEAN?? WHERE IS HE??!

Tears continued to fall down my red cheeks, as he leaned in for his last kiss…seconds later…he dissappeared into the light…

End of dream……

Y/n- *jumps out of sleep*

I jumped up breathing heavily as my eyes were slowly opening… I looked around the hotel room, realizing I was now awake…My hands and lips were trembling at a fast pace…and I could still feel Treys lips lingering on mines…I broke out in tears as his voice echoed in my mind “I need you to forgive me, I’ll never let go of us…” …that was the Trey whom I feel madly in love with before our romance declined…I haven’t felt his warm embrace and loving tone in so long, even way before his death…but why would he say Chris is walking into his death?! Where the f*** was he?? I got of the bed and looked around to see that Chris was gone! Ugh whay did he leave me here by myself!!?? I walked to the bathroom and before I knew it, I brokedown..I cried and I cried! Everything happening was consuming me all over again. I felt as if the old lady appearing out of nowhere warning me to watch my back must have been a sign…the s*** that’s going on with Chris must be a sign…and now Trey’s ghost in my f***in dream has to be a sign…a sign that either Me, Chris, or the both of us were going to die.

an update will be up soon! :)


RUN IT!!!!

Y/n- *excited* Chris!!?

Chris- *smiles* hey baby…*walks up and tightly hugs you, he smiles even more because you are holding him tight as well*

Y/n- baby, I was just about to come to you…

Chris- sighs, I just had to see you baby. I had too.

Chris Pov- I was so happy that Y/n was happy to see me, it felt so damn good to be back in her arms….we stood there just holding each other, until I noticed that Nick was standing down the hall…looking directly at us…he had the slickest smirk on his face…that made my blood boil…then he made a gunn with his hands…and mouthed the words “BANG” and turned around…I wanted to charge down the f***in hallway and blast his ass…but I couldn’t. I didn’t want to scare Y/n, nor did I want to be angry around her again…

Chris- Come on babe, we gotta go…*takes her hand*

Y/n Pov Chris and I walked to his car and drove off. We both were quiet the entire ride. After driving around the city, We pulled up to the Marriott hotel…I was confused at why we were here. Chris parked the car and and signaled me to come on. We got in and apparently he had reservations…I was beginning to get excited…maybe he had a candle lit rose pedals and champagne thing going on upstairs…the front desk clerk handed him the key to the room and We got onto the elevator and stopped on the 9th floor. He still hasn’t said anything, and I havent either. I followed him to the room and he opened it and… was just that! A room. No roses, no candles, no champagne or wine…just a room. I took a seat on the bed…with this confused look on my face…

Chris- *sits next to you caresses your shoulders* baby you ok?

Y/n- *shakes head in confusion* Ch…Chris? Why are we here?

Chris- *deep breath* baby…if…if I tell you why we’re here, please don’t freak out

Y/n- baby I wont freak out…as a matter of fact…there’s something I need to tell you. *turns to him* I’m sorry.

Chris- *confused* for…for what?

Y/n- baby, I havent been your partner. Im sorry for not listening to you the other night when…*sighs* when you were telling me about all that BS about Lauren and James and Nick…it all just seemed crazy and still does, but I wasn’t there for you. I was being so stubborn and unsupportive. I left you hanging dry in this situation by yourself…and im so so sorry baby *caresses his face* I love you

Chris- I love you too baby…come here baby

I pulled her closer to me and gave her a sweet loving kiss…as I laid her down on the bed…and made love to her. <3

An Hour later…
Chris- we really needed that…

Y/n- yes, we did…that was the greatest stress reliever…EVER!

Chris- speaking of stress…*he sits up with his back against the headboard* babe, today was the most stressful day ever…

Y/n- *lays across his lap* tell me about your day babe…

Chris- *takes a deep breath* well, after Kiya left. I took a shower and cleaned up the mess I made…then I went and brought a new phone after I broke mines…and…um after that I went to buy a….Y/n? promise me u wont be upset wit me when I tell you this?

Y/n- Chris…I cant promise you that,. *sits up* what did you buy?

Chris- *clears throat* I went to the pawn shop…to…to purchase a gun

Y/n- *eyes gets big* Chris, a guNn?? What for?

Chris- babe, I got it for us, for protection…*starts talking really fast* Look I know you didn’t believe what Lauren was telling me the other night but it was all true because today James called me right after I brought the gun he started talkin all this s*** about how he’s gonna kill me or kill you, or us both all because the guy that killed Mario and the one I killed was his damn cousin he was talkin mad s*** about how he gon make you his b**** once he gets me out of the way and kinds of s*** then this m’fugga had the f***in audacity to let himself into our home and cut the wires in your car…babe do you believe me now?

Y/n looked at me in a state of shock as tears flowed down her eyes…

Y/n- *trying to speak* ba…I…sor….

I took her in my arms and just held her…

Chris- you don’t have to be sorry baby, its ok Love, its ok…

I looked at my watch and it was a little after 3. Y/n wont be off for another two hours…if Nick is at work at work with her…I need to go up there…that’s what I’ma do. I walked to my car got in and headed to her job.

With Y/n
After finishing the putting away the clothes for the models I was on my back to my office, and thats when Nick appeared in front of me…

Nick- *smiles* there’s my beauty queen, how are you Y/n?

Y/n- *smiles* hey Nick, I’m making it…are you just now getting here? *I asked as we walked into my office*

Nick- yeah, I um, I had a lot of things to get situated, a friend of mines is in town, and I had to show him around…

Y/n- that’s real nice…*takes a deep breath as I sit down*

Nick- why you look so stressed beautiful? You look too good to be looking down…*as he pulls up a chair next to you*

Y/n- sighs, im just emotionally tired, me and Chris have been arguing and it hasn’t been good.

Nick- *takes his hand and rubs her shoulder to ease her mind * You’ll be ok. All relationships have their hard times and if its too much then…just leave

Y/n- I don’t think I could ever leave him…I mean…I understand he’s had a traumatized life and with everythings that’s been going on…he…he really just…just needs somebody…to listen to him…and be…be there for him…someone to understand him…

Y/n Pov- wow! I realize now, that I wasn’t there for him. Chris...he…he needed ME…to listen to him, to understand and comfort him…and to just believe him…I’ve been so…so…so blind and…and stubborn only when he needed me to listen…something so simple…

Nick- Y/n? Y/n?...*waves hand in your face* Y/n?

Y/n- *comes back* What?!

Nick- Did…did you hear what I just said?

Y/n- um…I didn’t…I’m sorry I gotta go. Tell Diddy there was an emergency and I had to leave…I’ll see you later

Y/n Pov- I quickly gathered my things to head home…I had to see Chris and apologize to him. I walked out the office and headed down the long hallway towards the entrance…and before I could get to the door there was Chris walking in…

With Chris
I held my head in my hands, wishing and thinking of a way to make all of this go away, until my phone went off…I looked at the screen not recognizing the number, but answered it anyways…

Chris- *depressed voice* He…*clears throat* hello?

Y/n- ………..Ch…Chris, its me

Chris- *gets up from the floor, shocked to hear your voice* baby, omgosh. *deep breaths* it feels so good to hear your voice baby…wh…where are you? Are you ok? I’ve been calling you all day…is everything alright?

Y/n- I’m fine, I’m still here at work…I was in such a rush this morning I guess I left my phone…

Chris- sighs, baby I’m so relieved to hear your voice, I’ve been going crazy

Y/n- yeah, I heard, Kiya told me, you destroyed our home, and you yelled at her! What is your problem?

Chris- Listen babe, I was so upset, for making you upset, and I am sorry! Y/n, Im sorry…

Y/n- sighs, its ok. We can talk about this when I get home…

Chris- What time are you getting off?

Y/n- *looks at the clock* Diddy got me workin overtime since I came in late, so maybe around 5, but I’ll prolly be home around 7 cause I have to take the subway. My damn car would not start, I was so mad.

Chris- the subway? I don’t think so. I’ll come get you, just be ready.

Y/n- I would appreciate that.

Chris- anything for you baby. I love you so much, and again I’m so sorry.

Y/n- I love you too. I’ll see you later. Bye.

Chris- Bye *hangs up*

I got up off the floor, and stuffed the weapon in the back of my jeans. I grabbed my keys and headed towards the parking lot looking for Y/n’s car to see what was wrong with it. I pulled out my keys and opened the door with the spare key. I sat down and tried to crank up the car, but it wouldn’t start. I tried again. Nothing. I popped the hood up and got out the car to take a look…I noticed some wires had been cut that were connected to the engine…
Chris- *mumbles* muthaf***a *slams the hood down* I cant believe this s*** mann…

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I just feel like running my own story :) this story is my baby ! my very 1st one on the board...damn four years ago, wow! i was 16 then lol. time flies by!


With Y/n
I was in one of the dressing rooms taking some new clothes for the models out of their boxes and hanging them up. Thats when Diddy’s assistant Cassie, walked in.

Cassie- hey, Y/n I didn’t mean to interrupt but there is a woman named Kiya, on the phone?

Y/n- really? *stops what you were doing* thanks Cassie *smiles*

Cassie- your welcome.

I walked out and followed her down the hallway. *picks up phone*

Y/n- hey girl *smiles* whats going on?

Kiya- I was gonna ask you the same damn thing I been blowing your damn phone up, and you cant return any of my calls.

Y/n- I’m so sorry, I left my phone, I was in such a hurry this morning, arguing with Chris, then my car wouldn’t start, and Diddy got on my ass for being 40 mins late, and now you getting on my ass *laughs* but I’ll let you slide

Kiya- speaking of Chris, what the hell happened between you two!?? I stopped by to catch you this morning and the apartment was completely destroyed and he was lookin a hot ass mess!! I thought you guys got the fighting or something

Y/n- sighs, no, it wasnt physical, we got into another argument. What did he say to you?

Kiya- he tried to get loud and s***, when I asked him where you were but I put his ass in place girl, I told him since you’ve met him, your life has been a damn mess, I told him he better make it right before its too late, and you leave his ass, I think that got to him…

Y/n- I see you always got my back *smiles* I love you girl

Kiya- I love you too! When you get off come to my condo! We need to have us some girl time!

Y/n- ok boo. I will. I’ll ttyl. Bye

With Chris…

I was completely out of breath by the time I made it outside of my door. I put my ear towards the door to see if could hear any movement inside. I didn’t hear anything. I checked both ways down the hall to see if everything was clear before I pulled out my gun, and let myself in. I aimed the gun directly for whatever was in front of me as I moved throughout the house. Everything was exactly how I left it. I checked every room, but this b**** ass nigga was already gone. I leaned against the wall in the hallway, and slid down to the floor. I was so tired, and drained from everything. The only thing that will relax me is hearing Y/n’s voice. I just wanna hear her voice.

With Y/n
After I got off the phone with Kiya, I wanted to call and check on Chris, after what Kiya had just informed me. But I didn’t want to. But then again I did…sighs, I don’t know…ok, I have to, it’s the right thing to do, I picked up the phone and dialed his number…

Run it like DMC!

run it!

lol damn he hot ain't it...Run it

--I kno chris is mad af.!
I wonder if hes at th condo., th suspense is killin me lolss
Update soon !!

Yesssssss, chris goin OFF .. RUN IT!!

Chris Pov Now that I had what I needed…I needed to figure something out…I needed a plan, but what…I decided to walk into Chipotle to grab me a bite to eat…while I figure things out…I ordered me a steak bowl and sat in a corner with my hand on my head by the window as ppl walked by…Y/n still hasn’t texted me back…I should be used to it cuz its been happenin a lot lately..but I’m not, I just wanna know if she’s ok…especially knowing she didn’t drive herself to work…she probably took the train…and if she did…what If them niggas kidnapped her…f***!! All of these thoughts all came crashing back in my head all at once …hopefully this gun is gonna take care of all of this s***…I continued eating then all of the sudden I felt my phone vibrating…it was a private call…It had to be Lauren…

Chris- Lauren? *silence* Lauren? Is this you?

James- Lauren? This aint no damn Lauren!!...So you still f***ing with my girl huh? I guess I’ll have to come at you ass 10 times hard now…and take your girl while im at it...i got something I wanna put in her mouth *laughs*

*Chris grabs bag and storms out of the restaurant fired up to the max!!*


James- Listen you fake ass lucky charm looking m’fugga..*gets louder* THIS AINT GOT A DAMN THING TO DO WITH THAT NIGHT…*gets lower as if he were around other ppl* Its deeper than that…This is about that night your boy got shot up…and you killed my m’fuggin cousin!! I cant believe the cops had the f***in audacity to drop them charges on your ass…so its my duty to get vengence…I’m gon take either your life…or your b****’s life *laughs* maybe both


James- *laughs* You really are gonna regret the way u talkin to me like that m’fugga...btw nice place yall got here…I just may be waitin for yall to come home *hangs up*

Chris POV- With that being said I turned into the direction of our condo and ran…hoping I would find his as in my f***ing apartment so I could blast his ass…his punk ass want to kill me cause I killed his cousin…he can have the exact same thing I served his ass with when he ran up on me and killed Mario…some f***in BULLETS!!

- Chris needed tht qun
RUN IT ! :)

run it