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Addicted to Chris ????????????????????

Why??????? and how?????????????and it be Cured???????????


im addicted to chris brown because his voice and smile eyez and basically everything about him is amazing and yes people make mistakes but he has and is overcoming his problems i wish i had the pleasure to meet him (and marry him) because he iz so amazing and anyone with such god given talent needz to have someone or everyone to be addicted to them.... <3 pookie

um im addicted to chris cuz um yall should see my myspace i make my own cb layouts lol and i got him everywhere every time im around mah momsz nem and dey mention chris brown i start cheezin hella hard and they be like m m mm dats a shame i know everything about him so much dat mah fam call me a stalker i got breezy number 1 on errthing and im a member of almost alla da fan clubs like da goonies cbe anf cbf and vaz royal prince yo man its crazy lol i got a chris breezy sparypaint outfit im gettin made for the dance down on july 5th and um im addicted to him cuz he so damn cool he seem like sum1 you've known all ya life you kno and he got dem crazyyyyy dreamy good vocals and dem killa dance moves he be on beast mode oh lmao i memorized wall to wall video parts yall lol imma be killin in da club lmaooooooooooooo but naw i dont think it could EVER be cured lmao

is this a stori or u just askin??
can u PLZ apply to ma stori!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????