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~CB's Secret Lover~ Part 1

CB: hey Michael could u do a simple cradle for me son?
Michael: yeah thats so easy, of cour...
*Michael was cut off because CB told him to shut up
CB:shhhhhhhhh! you see that girl ova there?
CB:should i go and holla at her or wat?
Michael: well.... i dont know. i mean i thought u had a commitment to the fans not to have a woman too early!
CB:BOY!... im 18 i could do whatever the hell i wanna do! besides i could keep it a secret from everyone till im like 20 or somthin..
Michael: ok... whatever im just sayin that the fans trusted u and u let them down!
*CB didnt hear a word Michael just siad cuz he want to go and holla at a stranger!(im not surprised!)...(T_T)
CB: hi my name is chris whats yours?
Secret Lover: mine is Secret Lover. its very nice to meet you.
CB:so since your here what is your favorite move?
*CB is actin so calm about this, like hes been doin it all his life
Secret Lover: no no no i think youve gotten it all wrong i dont do gymnastics my little sister and brother does i just bring them here and watch them.
CB:oh ok. so what r u into?
Secret Lover:im into music, you know singing it and writing it.
Secret Lover: Dont think im tryin to ask u for a record deal or anything im just answering your question.
CB: actually i was going to say wow because im into the samething if u add in dancing
Secret Lover: oh sorry
Secret Lover's Siblings:Ok Secret lover can we go to Mc donalds now? Gymnastics is over now!! c'mon c'mon!
Secret Lover: i gota go now CB it was nice meetin you i gotta go get these kids some food ok bye!
*CB grabs Secret Lover by the hand softly to stop her and ask her a question..
Secret Lover: huh?
CB: well it was very nice talking to you and i was wondering if i could get your number....please?
Secret Lover: well ove course write this down...... 555
CB: uh huh..
Secret Lover:873...
CB:uh huh...
Secret Lover:and 1859
CB:ok thanx ill give u a call later ok?
Secret Lover:ok bye then!
*CB walks back over to michael and shows off his number he got in his face!
Michael: ok..ok..OK.. take that number from in front of my face. i get it whatever makes you happy. i guess.
CB: the gym is about to close down we sould get out of here and go home
Michael:yeah ima head back to the spot.
CB:ok ima head back too!
CB:peace to you too
*CB drove HIS car home that he got for his b-day, while thinking about Secret Lover
CB: i hope i could get to meet her again

_________________________--=--THE END OF PART 1--=--_____________________________

(please dont take that number from abouve cuz all i did was make it up!)

P.S. If you liked ~CB Secret Lover~ Part 1 tell me about it and ill think about making Part 2


run it

it was ok

it wuz kind Goo d but good startkeep going....--JASMiiNEncHRiiS4LiiFE

this is cute!

yea i kinda like that..but have more fun with it ..

yea that was pretty hot but wut is it? i mean, like where u just bein creavtive or wut? but its good tho.
*iiM Hiis [[Wiifey]]*