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jan. 17 - msg!

who's buying their pre-sale tix tomorrow?! i'm going by myself, the only fan left in my crazy ass circle of friends.

and does the code for the pre-sale only come with the fan club membership?


wats good ery body

hey im probably goin alone too...n i got floor seats so im soo hapyy n the concert is today!cant wait hope ya have fun

i'm gOnna be there in section 132...ugh!

.:ChRis bROwn's prinCeSs:.

true true. they hella expensive and i aint got bread to spend on tickets :(

im going but im still lookin for tickets.
its so hard to find cheap ones.
i might just buy ticketmaster but
ill just keep checkin the websites out
until i find something cause
i need to be up close and personal with
take you down.

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Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it" quoted by CB, himself.

im goin...whoever got it tell me where your sitting...maybe i'll see you there...thats crazy though how those gold package tix are 530 though cause i would've gottin one if it wasnt that much


What is the presale code for MSG 1/17/07?

Aww well that's smart you'll find someone else or you can sell it later on when someone's dying to go. Or you just sell it to me and we meet at the Wendy's next door lol

but it shouldn't be hard to find someone. My friends are too slow so I didn't want to buy so quickly

yeah, i got it too! i don't wanna go alone either. and i have semi-awesonme seats, so i had to get 'em before they were gone.

I have the presale code
I wanna go but not alone