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My sexc boi <3 "Denzel" BiGG$

denzel as chris brown 2.jpg

My boy friend always get called chris brown, but sry i think my boi's a bit better lookin =P <3 luvin him!

Posted by Juelz


ur loook gud in dis pic

get it b****
iiTS ALEJANDRA ii LOVE MY MONKEY KiiNG CHRiiS BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

y0U g0T g0od TaSTe GuRL!!!


mmm u right ya man is sexci n can get called a look alike but he don't look betta den chris but i can understand if u love him u gotta say lol u betta keeep him he fine or i might have ta steel him from u naw j/p lol i hope yall work

dam dadii... u oh so sexxi ... u lookin oh so lyke mine lol

ur fine :P

you fine as hell!!! OMG!!!

damn u fine as hell but my babe chris brown looks better.

sorry but u dont look like him!!! ur hot but u cant even compare to chris brown who evers sayin hes sexier dan chris brown HES NOTTTT NO ONE IS SO DONT GET IT TWISTED :D

he dnt look betta tha my husband mrs. brown all day
i luv chris