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This is one o ma bruvas mates...Is he a CB look-a-like???

Posted by elly1210


You May Not Look Lyk Chris But I'll Take U Any Day Any Time
...Lol... And Dat Ain't No Lie MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!
don't confuse HATE with JEALOUSY

but not chris brown sorry u not far from bein as sexi as he is though

Ah, ya dont look like no CB bc he is so yummy, but u r still hella fine, holla @ me netime!

aLL i CaN sAy Is WoOoOoOoOoW

ThE OnE AnD OnLy

hey boy you are so sexy you need to holla at me and havent ya pic been posted up here b 4

YOU ARE HELLA SEXY!! hollA at me anytime ;) i hate to say it but u got a better bod then cb!! ITS TRUE!! look!


damn!!!! u iz sexi but u dont look like chris sry. :) stay fly though . keep it sexy lol

3yyaa hunni....x u dnt realii look like Chris soz hunn....x but urr fukin sexy ill av yaa any day........x
xxxxxxxxxx little soph xxxxxxxx
x x sophie x x

ur body is hot but u dont look like chris sry babe.

ur well fit.. luvin da body but u dnt look like chriss soz hunni but i will have u any day. . .x

xx sophie xx