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y'all think Chris likes fame?????????????????

Cause as he said he would have been an average person.....but playing y'all think we would have loved him this much if he played basketball???????????/


all celebrities one day wake up and wish they were normal cause there is so much pressure put on them as people see them as 'idols' and they have to watch what they do, say, or how they dress...Chris hasn't gotten a taste of the paparazzi being mean as yet ...however he seems the type who is ready to take on any challenges that steps in his way of accomplishing what he steps out to do in life..........and Chris keep your head up.....follow the Lord and you will always be a success..

Well, If he was a normal teenage guy who played basketball, then we wouldn't know who he was to like him in the first place. As for him being normal, he is normal. He still has his same friends, hangs out, sings in the shower, and plays basketball with his boys. He just isn't afraid to exploit his talent.

i think he likes the fame && at the same time he probabaly wishes sometimes to be a normal kid thats how most celebs are at first specially if they are from a state like a bc theres not much stardom out here but you never know what he really likes
he prolly still goes back to his town and plays b ball with he homies && stuff like he used to = ]

- - love chris with P A S S I O N ** <33