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A Love Held Captive...from the old CB board

ok so i jus found out we hav to b on a different forum now here goes my story again!!

My name is Crystal Ramirez, i live with my 3 sisters, my mom and my abusive step-dad. i get beaten along with my sisters and my mom. Our lives weren't always like this. We used to have a real father but he got shot in a drive-by a couple blocks down. i was 12, the twins were 9 and the littlest sister was 9 years old. When he died i went into a deep depression adn i barely talked to anyone except my best friend Korin. I wouldn't go out, and when a boy tried to get with me i drew away. I wouldn't allow my self to love anyone, but Korin and family. Three years later and my mom decides to marry the worst man alive; his name is Greg adn i hate him with a burning passion. Greg was the typical step-dad, always aguring with us and constantly trying to fill in my dad's place; although that wasn't possible. Then he started to get violent. i realized his full potential when he got drunk and beat up my mom. I tried to save her but i got it just as bad; maybe even worse. i feel like Im losing hope until a guy by the name of Chris Brown comes into my life. I need to know if he can release the love inside of me i've held captive for so long.

no need for a cast cuz i already got one!
run it 4 me!!!! =]


i cant see my replu? or anyone elses??

Girl u have to write some more thats hot it's sound like omg!!!! lol!!!

only with action, not words

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run it!

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Good Story!!

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lol.. this is sooo wierd cuz i been readin ur storii on the other site. lol. i already know what to say.. RUN IT FROM WALL 2 WALL!!


RUN IT!!!!
ToO_DeCeNt!!!........WaIt TiL My VoIcE GrAcEs ThE AiRwAvEs

alrite so dats wat i've posted so far
hope u enjoy!
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ok here's hte last post for the day...hope u enjoyed and leave comments if u lik.....

“Already ahead of you Mom.” It felt good to call her my actual mom again. “All I need to do is wait for Sheena’s call and…” Just then Upgrade U by Beyonce played from my Sidekick. It was Sheena. “Mom, that’s her.” She looked at me and smiled; it was that million dollar smile.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever see you again so, I want to give you this.” She reached to her finger and slid off one of her rings. “This belonged to Grandma. Do you remember her?” I thought back. I remember when I was a little girl. I was in somebody’s kitchen , watching them cook. All kinds of stuff. Greens, homemade Mac ‘n’ cheese, steak, sweet potato pie, cheesecake, fried chicken; all the black food you could think of. She was tall and she had a little more curves than the average woman, although she wasn’t exactly “fat.” She was pretty and when she turned around I noticed she looked familiar. I looked just like her. Same light brown hair, same caramel skin, same smokey-gray eyes. I nodded.

“I remember.”

“Well she gave this to me before she died. It was a promise ring. A promise that she was always watching over me. That God, Himself was watching over me. I want to give this to you.” She slid it on my middle finger and it was gorgeous. I stared at it.

“I love you, Mom. I want to see you again.” My phone rang again and I looked into my mom’s eyes and kissed her on the forehead. “I’ll miss you. Remember me.” I gave her a quick, but heartfelt hug and rushed of to get my sisters. “Hey you guys, let’s go.” They got up and followed me down the stairs. Just then…

“Tracey! Where’s that dumb girl at?!?!?” I looked up the stair case at Mom. She nodded for me to leave and I did. Never looking back. I opened the car door threw the stuff in, got in and off we were. I looked at my new ring. Kissed it and whispered. “Watch over me, Grandma.”

She kept bouncing on him though and I thought maybe they wouldn’t dare.

“Hey b****. Go get Crystal,” He spat at my “mom”. She obeyed. I guess I was wrong…. I ran to my room and sat on the bed, calmly. Soon she walked through the door. I could tell she was startled by the look in her eyes.

“Hey Sweetie. Why are you dressed?” She walked over to me and sat down on the bed. I flinched, remembering last night. She noticed. “Look I’m sorry.” She sounded sad. “I couldn’t help you or he would’ve been worse. I’m sorry.” A tear ran down her cheek. I took a good look at her face. Her skin, once radiant, now seemed pale. Her eyes, which once shown brighter than the sun, were now, dim. Her hair, once long and thick and shiny, was now shorter and thinning and dull. Her once one million dollar smile was now no longer visible. Greg made all of this happen. I reached out to touch her face. A tear formed in my eye.

“Mom,” I let out a hoarse whisper as the tear fell.

“Baby. I’m sorry. You deserve so much better than this life I’ve been giving you for the past 3 years. You all deserve better.” More tears fell from her eyes which caused me to cry more.

“I heard what Greg sent you here for.” I think the tears just stopped falling right then and there. “Are you going to let him do this to me again?” She looked down. She was going to let him do this AGAIN? “You know what…I—” She cut me off.

“No. I’m not going to let him. Look you and you’re sisters need to get out of here.” My heart smiled and I hugged her body.

“Hey Crys!” She answered all cheerful and what not. I laughed, but only slightly.

“Hey, girl. Umm…I need to ask a BIG favor…”

“Well what is it?” my stomach felt funny and my mind scrambled because I couldn’t think if what to say. Then I heard her giggle and cover the phone. “Stop it Fizz. Dang I’m tryna talk to Crys.” Then in the background I heard “Huh? What? I’m right here. What you mean “I’m tryna talk to Chris?” And “Just cuz you talkin doesn’t mean I can’t kiss you. Oh and…HEEYYYY CRYS!!!!” I laughed to myself and again I heard someone say “What are you guys talkin bout? I’M RIGHT HERE!!! I’M CHRIS!!!” “Man shut up. Ain’t nobody talkin to you. We we’re talkin to Crys…as in CRYSTAL! Idiot…” I was just sittin there laughing at Fizz. He was always messin wit somebody. “Oh” I heard the other “Chris” say.

“Well umm, I…well Sunny, Rosalynn, Jessika and I need to stay at your house for a while. Things have not been going well at home…” She opened her mouth to say something. “I’ll explain when I see you. So can you come pick us up?”

“Of course you can. I’ll be there in 10, okay?” Something in her voice changed, she sounded more worried than cheery. I nodded as if she could see me, and I guess she saw me cuz she said one last “okay” before I heard the dial tone. I closed my phone and closed my eyes. “Thank you.” And I kissed my cross again. I went back to check on my sisters. We sat in Rosalynn and Sunny’s bed for about 10 minutes until I heard something in Greg and my “mom’s” room. It sounded like moaning and Jessika got scared. “Sssh. Hold on. I’ll be back.” I tip-toed to the adults rooms and peeked through the crack of the door to see some woman bouncing on Greg’s lap, naked with the sheets wrapped around her. I knew it wasn’t my “mom” because this woman had a tattoo of a burning cross on the entire lower region of her back. I looked to the left and saw my “mom” just sitting there watching; just like last night.

“You like that don’t you?” For a second I thought he was talking to me, but I realized he was talking to my “mom.” “Hey baby?” The girl moaned in his ear and arched her back.


“Do you wanna add my step-daughter, Crystal? She’s so much fun.” She started bouncing on his lap again. And again she moaned.

“Mmkay, Daddy.”

I woke up this morning in pain. My whole body was still sore from last night…Last Night…that was a horrible night. I felt so dirty, so sluty…so worthless. And I couldn’t do anything about it.

I got up out the bed, and went into the bathroom. I, once again, looked in the mirror and looked at my reflection. Flashbacks of what happened flew around in my brain, over and over again. I flipped the faucet on and splashed the cool water on my face and again, I looked in the mirror. I hated Greg. I hated my “mom”. I hated my life. I almost hated God for letting this happen to me, but I remembered; Things always happen for a reason. And what ever reason it was it was okay because God was still watching me. I brushed my teeth and washed my face, you know…all that good stuff.

“Good morning, God. Good morning Jesus. Forgive me for my sins.” I kissed my index and middle fingers and placed it on my cross. Then I lifted my hand to the sky. I looked up. “I hope you can hear me. I hope I’m doing the right thing,” that was the last thing I said before I went and got my sisters, before anyone awoke, and told them to get dressed and pack their clothes.

“Why?” questioned Jessika.

“Because we’re gettin’ out of here. Mmkay, baby? C’mon we have to hurry up. And please be quiet.” I looked each of them in the eye and they nodded in agreement, so I walked away to pack up my things. We packed all we need for about 2 weeks in 30 minutes; so now it was dressing time. I went to my closet and looked at the remaining clothes. I decided on my cute Apple Bottoms Jeans, Red Apple Bottoms Shirt and some white Air Force 1s. I pulled my hair out of my hair tie, put a little gel in my hands and messed with my air until I was satisfied with the style. I was so glad that I was mixed with Mexican, Black, Cuban and Indian so I could just do that with my hair. I went to each of my sisters rooms and checked to see if they were ready. Yup. So I called Sheena to see if she could come pick us up. As I was calling her ring back was Lip Gloss by Lil Mama. So I startin doin my lil dance, cause that was my JAM! (Hehe Sunny!) Then she suddenly picked up.

but nothing happened; he was too strong for me. After a little while of kicking and screaming he hit me a couple times so I’d shut up. He was feelin all over me and kissin my skin all rough and stuff. I hated every second of it. He ripped open my shirt exposing my bra. And he pulled down my pants leavin me only in my bra and panties. “Now its time to see my prize.” Wit that he yanked down my underwear and spread my legs. He was about to go in but then he stopped to put on a condom. How thoughtful, that bastard. I closed my eyes and prayed to God that I’d have the strength to carry on after this. He rammed his penis so hard into me. A grip of tears just poured from my eyes. I yelled in pain and he slapped me yet again. He pumped in and out, harder and farther each time. He grunted and moaned. His sweat dripped from his off his forehead onto my chest. I felt a hot, thick liquid runnin down my legs and surroundin me like a puddle. This whole time my eyes were shut so tight; for some reason I opened then and although my vision was blurry I could see that in the corner of the kitchen was my mom.

“MOMMY! HELP ME! PLEASE! PLEASE, MOMMY, PLEASE. HELP ME!” my cries were unanswered as my “mom” just stood there and watched. A tear crept out of her eye and ran down her cheek. Finally he stopped. He just laid on me for about 5 minutes and got up. Zipped up his pants and looked at my “mom”. “Did you like that, Tracey? I sure did. s***, that pussy was the best I’ve ever had. Way better than your nasty s***.” He walked up stairs and paused at the top. “Go clean yourself up, b****.” I couldn’t move. I ached all over. My mom disappeared for a few seconds and came back wit a little wet towel and a blanket. She cleaned my up and helped me stand. I wanted to hurt her, but my body wouldn’t allow it. She helped my up to my room and put me in the bed. She leaned down to kiss my forehead and I just turned the other way. Soon she walked out.

I lay there. Just thinking about what happened. It replayed over, and over, and over in my head. I got up, using all my energy and got in the shower. I got in and I let the hot water seer my skin. It wasn’t half the pain I just went just went through. I scrubbed my skin so hard I bleed a little. I tried to wash away the dirty, sluty feeling I felt but it didn’t work. I felt dirtier than I had before. I got out and dressed up. I looked in the mirror and hated myself. I had a cut on my lip and my eye was slightly purple. I lifted my shirt and saw a deep purple bruise from the punch Greg gave me. I went to my bed and said a prayer; like I did every night. Kissed my cross necklace, got in bed and cried my self to sleep.

It was Friday afternoon, no school because of spring break. I was in my room listenin to my music; anything to escape my own life. Yet I still counted the hours until I had to deal with Greg. I got tired of listenin to my iPod so I turned it off and turned on the TV. I was flippin through channels when I came across this document on women who where in domestically violent relationships. This one lady was talkin about her experiences and how afraid she was to leave. To get help. There was a number at the end of the show for people who are in beaten by husbands or boyfriends or anybody really. I scrambled to find a piece of paper and a pen to write the number down. I wrote it down and just stared at it; then I found a hidin place for it.

I just don’t understand why my mom married Greg; I mean SURE he had money, but honestly money isn’t worth getting beaten every single day and havin your children go through it too. It doesn’t make sense to me. I looked at the clock and it read 7 o’clock. Then I heard the front door open and then slam closed. Great. He’s home. I headed to the top of the staircase to watch the show.

Tracey!” His loud deep voice echoed in the house. “Where the f*** is my dinner? What have I told you about not havin my food on the table when I get home?”

“Sorry, but…” She got cut off with a smack in the face.

“Did I tell you to speak?” She shook her head no. “Then don’t speak. Speak!”

“Okay.” He cut is eyes at her givin her a dirty look. “I mean, yes sir.” She got his food and gave it to him.

“What the hell is this? Cook me somethin else.” She made him somethin else and he ate it hungrily. Again I heard the door open and close. I looked down to see Rosalynn and Sunny coming home. s***; they’re in trouble. “Where have you been?” questioned Greg. Rosalynn just stood there in shock and Sunny just ignored him and kept walkin to her room. “I said where the f*** have you been?” Rosalynn tried to speak but Greg slapped her. “That was for taking too long to answer. And you miss Sunny…who do you think you are? Not answering me.”

“I think, no. no. I KNOW I aint you’re daughter so cut the bulls*** and let me go upstairs.” That was typical Sunny; always talkin back to somebody. Gettin into trouble. Greg smiled; on the outside it may have appeared he was happy, but I knew all too well that he was just up to somethin. He walked up to Sunny, looked her up and down and licked his lips. If I was a dude I could understand why he did that. Both me and the twins had nicely built bodies. The twins were more on the skinny side but they had gorgeous legs and beautiful eyes. I had the curves and stuff. You know nice sized breasts(not too big not too small; 32 D to be exact) flat tummy although I wouldn’t say I was skinny I knew I wasn’t fat. And a big ole booty. I was pretty damn happy wit my shape. Now my little sister Jessika, she was getting there, but not quite.

“That’s right you aren’t my daughter…which means I can do this,” He outlined her body wit his hands and Sunny froze, “and this,” then he grabbed her booty wit one hand and puled her closer wit the other The anger just built up inside of me like a volcano, “and this,” he was about to kiss her but I stepped in.

“Get off of her.” I shoved him away from her. He stumbled and fell on the floor. “Aye, you guys go in your room and lock the door. Don’t’ open it unless its me.” They ran upstairs. I turned my head and…BAM! Greg socked the hell outta me. I felt my lip and sure enough I was bleedin. Then I felt this horrible pain in my stomach. He socked me again and I fell wit a loud thud. I felt him get on the floor and get in between my legs.

“You know what? You have more body anyways.” He grabbed my titty and squeezed it so hard it hurt. I groaned in agony. Then I heard his buckle rattle and I knew what he was about to do to me. He was gonna take the most precious thing that I owned. My virginity. I kicked and screamed