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pErSoNalLy, ItS a DyIn WiSh 4 Me 2 c ChRiS bRoWn Up ClOsE nD pErSoNaL. iT wOuLd B a DrEaM cOmE tRue. i HoNeStLy KnOw tHaT iF cHrIs BrOwN sEeS mE uP cLoSe Nd PeRsOnAl, He WoUlD fAlL n LoVe. It WoUlD b LoVe At FiRsT sIgHt. LiKe "I'm ReAdY 2 uR wIfE...nOt WiFeY...THE WIFE...nD tHe LOVE oF uR LIFE!!!!"


please stop newbie...juss quit while youre ahead...perhaps i can direct you to the chris discussion section where you can read the rules and guidelines for this board and i advise you to do so...becuz other ppl aint gon be so nice and you just might get ya feelings hurt.

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♥Luvv my Sistas Forever~*~Mega Ladiez Stand Together♥™
Y'all can call me crazy...but i say i am simply out there to the point of no return(:

~SouljaboyShawty~A.K.A Bri
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