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Chris Brown is coming BACK to Detroit

For all the Detroit fans who missed him the first time, Chris Brown will back in the "D" with Bow Wow some time in January. Due to illness Bow Wow was unable to attend the first concert on Dec.8, 2007 so they are coming back. Listen out for exact dates.


Okay I'm confused!!
I bought tickets to see Chris in Detroit on Sat. Jan. 26 from the this site is saying that on the same day, Chris is performing in Boston....

Does anyone know the true story...if I bought these tickets and there is no Chris concert, I'm gonna be pretty pissed....

man I'm upset I'll already be back in Atlanta at school so I'll be missing the concert once again.. I even missed the first show cuz I didn't get home from school til the same day and didn't have tickets.... SIGHS hopefully I'll get to see him perform sometime in 08 :/

Yay chris is comin back i missed the first concert cuz i got in trouble but you bet I'm goin to tha second!!!

~Ms. Chris~

I heard it was in Auburn HIlls at the palace so its atually back in detroit!

Yeah I know...I have family in Detroit and they told me on Sunday they heard on 9-5-5 they were coming back so I went to and found the exact date and its January 26, 2008...Then I call detroit radio station 9-5-5 and they said tickets arent on sale yet but to keep checking back for updates....

~*So Classy*~