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I just want to give y'all ALL the goods.

lil mama- her performance was WAAAY too short! i love her so i was kinda bumed out by that. she was good for the time she was out there.

soulja boy-......SOULJA BOY [tellem] GOT THE GIRLS GONE WILD FROM MONDAY TO SUNDAY!.....i think thats the lyric. But he was GOOOD! i dont have his cd, but somehow, i knew every word to all his songs! lol kinda wierd. he had arab on stage, but when he brought hurricane chris out, i went CRAZY lmao. but since i'm just a horny teenager, i loved when he was grindin on the floor to freaky girl. MY GOODNESS! i was goin crazy!!!! lol. he was REALLY good.[plus i met arab && hurricane chris!]

bow wow-....what can i say? the boy give a good performance. No matter how much you say you hate him, how c**ky he is, how short he is LMAO!!!!, he was GOOD! i heard he went over his time, so i was kinda mad about that, but that doesn't take away from his performance. he brought out b5, diddy, lil scrappy[i met him too], shawt dog, the dj was dj jess[i love him for some reason], and omarion. he perfromed all the lil bow wow/bow wow songs you could think of. but yea, he was good.

CHRIS BROWN IS IN THE BUILDING!!!!- now for the main event! My husband!!!! lmao [jay kay]. i dont think i've never been so satasfied with a performance. he was just so good. before he even came out, i was screaming lol. but he came out with wall to wall and i was killin it in my lil suite!!! i'm pretty sure he did every song you could think of by him. My favorite perfomance was.....TAKE YOU DOWN! [once again, im a teenager]. I also loved the little thing where his dancers intoduced themselves. they were all fine pretty much. and i like the litte "skit" before run it and kiss kiss. THEY PLAYED SAVED BY THE BELL! i love that show. the show closed with shawty like mine. bow wow and chris had a little dance off type thing. it was cute.

but yeah, i love love loved it. on a scale of 1-10, i give it a 454857123! lol



lol i was at that concert. i think its the best ive ever went to.