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video of kingsd. concert in va of chris performing snippets of 2 new songs with t-pain

mayne i can't wait till the new album comes out = ] i love the new songs he performed snippets of for uss !
- first w/ t-pain "greatness" - track no. 17 on EXCLUSIVE && second w/ t-pain "kiss kiss" - track no. 8
&& then shorty like mine ; cinderella ; nvr right time to say goodbye = ]

- - omg thats when he came close to the right side aHHH = ]
i really like both of the songs specially kiss kiss
enjoy - i know i did at the concert = ]]

well lemme stop talking now && watch the video ; ]

"you know im from virginia ginia ginia ay ay ay = ]]] "


Heyyyy this is my video! I think my seats kind of sucked but my mom says it's cause I'm spoiled and I didn't get in the first set of seats I still think if I was gonna be that far be in the middle.
ChRiS bRoWn F@N@tIc!!

Ha I know

lol... i was there... i wish he woulda gave us a heads up that he was gonna switch up the words in Cinderella lol... everybody was like, "You can be my cind-" and we realized he switched it up lol...

Yeh ha it was funny

Thanks. Did you hear the camerawoman in the background telling that girl to put her sign down- Hilarious!

(((I Don't Trust Him, Though I Still Love Him, No Longer Want Him♥)))

you welcomee gurll

"I am not just 'native Virginian Chris Brown ; I still live here, I ain't going nowhere." = ]]]
- cb <333

hey im watchin the video now!! thanx 4 postin it!

June 7, 2008 !s My D2y +0 Sh!n3!!!
Cl@ss 0f 2008 Ch!ck!!!!

damn i thought people would want to hear some of his 2 new songs . .

"you know im from virginia ginia ginia ay ay ay = ]]] "
- cb <33