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M3MORIES OF TH3 OLD MESSAG3 BOARDS...................................

What are some of the things you miss and remember about the old message board(s) I remember when I first signed up for this site which was the first board before they changed it, it was crunk everyone and they mama's was on here it was pretty much groupie free lol and drama free.

I also remember when MZ.S3XII was on here lmao she got dogged by everyone lmao!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh those were the dayz..............


Nah her name wasn't Christina it was something like..................... dang I just lost the name now. Oh well. I miss everyone from the old board like Hersh and Jas and Jaz. Oh yea and ummmmmmmmmmm dang I forgot her name too. She hosted the Crammy's last year.

But yea I do remember there being another Christina....................
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LOL! Yeah, I don't remember where I got it from..I think I said brain farts one day trying to be funny; Not really realizing other folks said it too, ha!
* hehe, that was my girl too..she was crazy/funny...Wait a minute, wasn't she the other Christina? [I remember there were two main Christina's that was on the board;; You and someone else.]
* Lol! Yeah that'd be soo fun! && hahah, riiight..talking bout ain't that much room, its like what are YOUUUUUU doing?? Ha!

Haha I know right?? She had issues but that was my girl lmao

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You can 'em brain farts too!!!! LOL My daddy calls them that and that's where I get that from.

Yea we could do another one get everyone from the Fan Fic and on here and we gone live it up!!!! I had my mansion on the last sleepover and I posted all the questrooms including the kitchen it was funny because people was like this ain't enough room for me and (Boy's name *Ex. Chris*) lol

I was like man this is enough room for 20 people to be in so what ya'll gone be doin? lmao
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&& lol! @ ChrisIzMine hoggin up Chris! Ha! I remember her, now that you mentioned that...I forgot her name too though, lol!!

LOL!! riiight, I'm surprised I remembered that much [I be having mad brain farts, ha!] But I remember that one! Haha, I think my date was Tajhi Mowry or maybe it was Corbin Bleu, lol. IDK remember that, ha!..I'm leaning toward Tajhi though. Ooooh, maybe we should have one on here- see how it works out. Even though I don't think we can post pictures on here like we could on there, they just end up being links to the pic.

Dang gurlie!!! lmao you remember alot. Ahhh I remember them sleepovers too! I remember that I hosted one and made the date up and everything. It was poppin too we had Bow Wow, B5, Chris, Omarion, awww man it was really fun lol. But I remember ChrisIzMine was hoggin Chris from me lol. I forgot her name though
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I'm gone let someone else talk now....*Zips Lips*...LOL!

Oh! and I remember summer times on the, fun-ness! Lol!...I remember nights I didn't go to sleep because I was on the board--I felt as if, if I left for one second I would miss out on awhole conversation [Or lose my place in the convo, lol!]

Something else I remember was that game that went on for a loooong time called "The Person Below Me" [see on the old board you didn't have to read things backwards;starting from the bottom- up.]....LOL! that was fun, some of those things the girls were saying had me cracking up...ahh man, lol!

Another thing I remember is, one night there were still a good hand full of girls on and we had a sleep over. Alot of us posted pictures of food, and posted songs [from ineem] on there; pretending as if we were really in the same room with each other [actually having a real sleep over]...just having a good ol time, lol...I think we even snuck in some boys, ha! Fun times, fun times.

& something I remember how most of everyone was split up into Venom Vixens [i think it was called] and umm D4L [i think, my bad if im messing up the names, my memory be on the fritz sometimes, lol.]...then I remember one called purple diamonds or something. I was about to be apart of one, then the old board switched to the new one and I lost touch with everyone that was apart of it, ((&& I also remember some of the girls arguing it out like we was really gang banging round there, LOL!))

Oh! I remember this girl, who was in LOVE with Lloyd and would cuss anyone out in a hot second if they talked down on him, lol! It was funny!
...&& I remember reading the stories on there! Like the stories by Lana [R.A.W. or the babysitter series, etc.] and by a few other people. Since I been on here I haven't read any =/
&& I too remember being on late at night and there were still mad people on, lol.