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$H@wTY (cast call)


Mama always told me that i was goin be a "BAD b****", never asked her wat it was cause she always said she was one... and id jus lol as she did my hair and wonder if i really was going to be one and fantasize about how it would be to have all the men give me money like they did her, that was before she died and i had ta move with my grandma which was 8 years ago, i been waitin...9 more months and ill be 18 and out of that b****es house, i se why mama ditched her ass when she was 15, i would have left to, but i gotta stay for Precious my lil sister. Shes only 15 gotta watch her jus liek mam said shes goin be hot in the pants, and that she is she sneaks out all times of the night, and grandma don caught her mo then once in the bed with these lil boys, me i do my work tryna go ta Spellman, i got the grades, but money is the problem , precious dont care bout her grades and making it out, i do i gotta get away from this place, im not made for it,mama told me she wanted me to be somethin in life and i told her i would be, plus my grandma treats me like s***, always calls me stupid and i had ta prove her wrong, she never lets me go nowhere, she beat the hell out of me for the littlest things like the other day... I was sitting there doin my homework at the kitchen table i erased the answer and blew the stuff on the floor and she slapped me "girl wat the hell is yo damn problem blowing s*** on my freshly cleaned floor...stupid lil girl thats sum dumb s*** ya mama would have done" she hit me again "child u moving to damn slow get the s*** up...GET IT UP NOW!!!"

i got down on the floor and got up the mess crying

gran:and hurry up i got company comin over
gran:yes wat?
me:yes ma'am!
gran:hooker! jus like yo damn mama, and u lil girl betta get yo feet off my damn table fa i-
precious:fa u wat? Hit me if u want to my name aint patricia, and it aint beautiful so hit me if u want ima hit ya ass back..
gran:(mumbling under her breath) lil b****...dont got no respect (she stormed off)

precious:u betta stand up to her old ass Tonni(my nick name) fa real she aint nobody she cant kick us out she gets paid fa us being here, u betta stop taking that s*** from her

Precious was brave, me i jus wanted to finish skool so i could get up outta here didnt want to cause no trouble before i left but the day i did i was goin show my grandmother i wasnt no damn punk, i was goin dog her like sum chick on the street and leave it at that and never come back...

Cast Call

Pic(optional because i mite not use it)


name: Travonna
man: TI
kids: not yet
Personality: Nice every once in a while ,shy , love shopping, hate b****es, and love ma man
pic : myself

IT sound like it's goin be HOT!

Name:Trina aka Dimplez
Man:Jim Jones
Kids:A lil Baby Gurl
personality:Sweet,sht at times,Will Murder Anyone If I Have 2 (PHYSICALLY)


I wanna b in it!!
name - Kira
nickname - Kik
Man - if i cant have Chris, i want Sammie
Kids - 0
Personality - bubbly, jus real cheerful, helpful, carin, sweet
pic - idk how 2 put them on here so tha 1 on my profile on here

i like it. i wanna be in it. me personally i would have been whooped that b****es ass. she bitter cuz her child left and then died. any who here's my cast call



man-bowwow, trey songs or chris but i know he gonna be taken

kids- well she's not mine biologicaly. she follows me around and i take care of her most of the time cuz her momma a crack head and don't take care of her. oh her name is melody. i renamed her. i named her that cuz she love music and to dance

personality- goofy, sweet, proctive over melody, funny, carring, flirtatious, shy sumtimes, laid back, cool, not one to f*** wit cuz i'll beat a b****'s ass in a heart beat

pic- i wanna look like new new from atl

Baby i'm a winner, didn't even take me twelve rounds to do it, got the tittle now, he gonna tell the whole world, to give it up for his girl(dats me, just in case you ain't no)

man:Single for now
personality:Loud,I can be mean at times but its somethin I cant help.Over all Im a good person.

yea love it

name--- NNeka

Man-----i'm single (independent) dont want none

kids-------hell no

personality------out-going, funny, love liming, hates studying, very revengeful, trust-worthy, protective of loved ones, independent, ......................thar's all for now..