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Sneak Peak...

Shaina: you don't feel like you have over pretected me enough Chris: NO AND I SAID YOU STAYIN HERE THATS FINAL
Shaina: .::cryin::. Please Chris
Chris: I SAID NO! [slaps her] ... s***!! GO UPSTAiRS

...shaina is the girlfriend


Where you at?

{Abryle&&Chris Brown}
I Wanna Be
Would It Be Cool, Would You Mind If I Called You My Boo
Take You Down
Your Body Body (Oooo) Your Body Body Up && Down

run it
~*~!'m@ D!v@ 3v3N !n m@ $n3@k@~*~
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Ayyyy wat it does???
My man is PiCTURE PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!
NiMEHA.B00 &trades;
Read Mahhh Nu storii The Color Game!!!!!! Plz
old s/n:Mzz.GiiGGLEzz


&hearts; I Cant Wait For Us To Be Alone

run it!!!!!

take me down
anytime,howeva u want.
it ain't my first time but we can pretend.haha

ima write by tom....thanks for the running


run it!!!!!

Ayyyy wat it does???
My man is PiCTURE PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!
NiMEHA.B00 &trades;

run it!!!!
Ayyyy wat it does???
My man is PiCTURE PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!
NiMEHA.B00 &trades;


I'm in the process of writing a story.YEAH!!It's called His Kisses...check it out!

Run it!!


<a href="">Laura</a> sitting on her couch daydreaming...

Blinded by the lights, camaras, action when he walks down that red carpet. I pray every night every second of every minute of every hour hopping he will walk through that door with some sweets smelling white roses and begging for my forgiveness. The glamourous life is not even what it is all about anymore, who will it turn back to once this is over? Once everything stops....and every thinhg you probably think you had is GONE!<br><br>
comming at her head full speed a baseball....[POW]
Laura stands up in shock <bR><bR>
Laura; Donte!! Demonte!!<br>
Donte&Demonte;....yes mom<br>
Laura; what am i going to do with you two[sits back down on the couch]<br>
Donte;mom do you think..i can bye an Xbox 360 this weekend<br>
Demonte; NOT FAIR!! if he gets it i want my ps3<br>
Laura; call your father im not tryna hear it rit now<br><br>Donte and Demonte walked away
Laura; god give me strenght to take care of them kids<br><br>
Shaina and Yauris at the mall<br><bR>
Shaina; wats u think about this Channel purse<bR>
Yauris; real cute..but look it this Louis i mean...damn!<bR>
Shaina; I know I like this one<bR>
Yauris; i bet you do to bad you can't have it cause im buying it<bR>
Shaina; aight you got that lol<bR>
Yauris; I know!!<br><br>
Chris in the studio...[singing/recording]<br><bR>
Dave;I need more man im just not getting thet felling<bR>
Chris; man shut the f*ck up and run that back<bR>
Dave; naw lol...u bothered by something?<bR>
Chris;Man...idk...its just....<bR>
Dave; come out here cant here u through the booth<bR><BR>
Chris walk out the booth sits next to Dave <br><bR>
Dave; yea so...wats good?<bR>
Chrs; idk..lately my mind been on Laura<bR>
Dave; damn...nigga...u<bR>
Chris; i know but man u dont even know<bR>
Dave; sh*t lol i do know and u did wats u did and no taking it back<bR>
Chris; man...she got two kids by me<bR>
Dave; dat dont mean sh*t<bR>
Chris; u rit [his phones vibrate]...hold on<bR>
Dave; yup<Br><bR>Chris walk out the sudio<bR><bR>
Chris; hello...<bR>
Donte; hey dad!<bR>
Chris; hey lil man....wats u doing?<bR>
Donte; nothing bored[demonte in the background...let me talk to dad]<bR>
Chris; ur bored?<bR>
Donte; yea i am <bR>
Chris; how bout this weekend i come get you guys and we'll hang out <bR>
Donte; aight dad...<bR>
Chris; aight<bR>
Donte;hold on demonte wanna talk to you<bR>
Chris; aight...hey!!<bR>
Donte; yes dad<bR>
Chris; i love you <bR>
Donte; I love you too dad<bR>
Demonte; Hey daddy!!<bR>
Chris; hey lil man, wats u doing?<bR>
Demonte; nothing..bored dats all<bR>
Chris; picking you and donte up this weekend aight<bR>
Demonte; I know..hey dad u think i could get a ps3?<bR>
Chris; show me them grades and u got it!!<bR>
Demonte; but dadddy...<bR>
Chris; ey ey i dont wanna hear school first then play<bR>
chris;'s basketball going?<bR>
Demonte; good we 3-0...UNDEFEATED BABY!!!<bR>
Chris; good thats what i like to hear<bR>
Demonte; so...when you comming to one of my games daddy?<bR>
Chris; baby boy u know daddy working out here...on the grind and stuff...u the oldest one so i would expect you to know better<bR>
Chris; yea so ill try to come to one of you game k?<bR>
Demonte; k daddy<bR>
Chris; aight ima have to let you go lil man...<bR>
Demonte; k daddy<bR>
Chris; aight Love you<bR>
Demonte; love you too daddy<bR>
Chris puts both of his hand on top of his head and takes a deep breathe and lets it out
Chris; god give me strenght to take care of them kids....<br><br><bR>RUNT IT!!!!


ima write soon...


ruuuuun it

run it<br>
run it<br>
run it<br>
run it<br>
run it<br>
run it<br>
run it<br>
run it<br>
run it<br>

run it plzzzzzz

.<strong>oO</strong>1[INTRO]<bR><br><ul> <li><a href="">¦¦¦ •°•|PRICELESS|•°• ¦¦¦ </a> </li> <li>Drama</li> </ul><ul> <li>Comedy</li> <li>Sexuality</li> </ul><ul> <li>Action</li> <li>Violence</li> </ul>

<a href="">Chris</a><br><br>

<a href="">Shaina[Chris girlfriend]</a><br><br>

<a href="">Donte and Demonte [Chris kids]</a><bR><br>

<a href="">Laura[Chris Babbymamma]</a><br><br>

<a href="">Shayla[Shaina's sister]</a><br><br>

<a href="">Sean&Nicole[Shaina's dad and mom]</a><br><br>

<a href="">Sean[Shaina's dad]</a><br><br>

<a href="">Nicole[Shaina's mom]</a><br><br>

<a href="">Yauris[Shaina's best friend]</a><br><br>

<a href="">Mario[Chris Best friend]</a><br><br>

<a href="">Dave[Chris BF]</a><br><br>

<a href="">Shad[Chris BF]</a><br><br>

<a href="">Ben</a><br><br>

<a href="">The Fam.</a><br><br><br>

.<strong>oO</strong>3[STORY,RULESZ'&AUTHOR INFO]<bR><br>
<strong>Tittle</strong>;<a href="">¦¦¦ •°•|PRICELESS|•°• ¦¦¦ </a><bR>
<strong>Date Started</strong>;01.05.08<br>
<strong>Date Finish</strong>;__.__.08<br><br>
...........NO FIGHTiNG<br>
.........Don't promote your storiesz in here<br>
........"RUN IT" as much as you like<br>
.......NO rushing me for wrtting more<br>
......I have a life so i would write a lot on weekends <br><strong>ONLY</strong>[maybe on weekdays]<br>
.....Last but not least__ENJOY!!<br><bR>


ah ah,that ain't right,run it...........oh and if u need a cast here u go

name~jizelle a.k.a babyface

age~ w/e fits

persona~ ghetto,confident,laughs at almost anything,fights ALOT and i mean A LOT.


role~ y-n's bestie

take me down
anytime,howeva u want.
it ain't my first time but we can pretend.haha