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Chris Brown at LIU 4 VH1 Celebrity Hoopz.

cb in liu.jpg

This pic may not be the best,but u kno I just had 2 take a pic of my beloved boo.So I sanpped dis pic on my cell, he was at LIU at Brooklyn,New York(my hometown) and did his Bball dang.There was a couple times he would get close 2 da crowd but the security guards wouldn't let me get close enough 2 get a good pic.I tried everything but they wouln't budge,guess u can't really bribe anyone with a dollar &

Posted by cbfan4eva


lol a dollar & change?

but i luv b-ball i should've been der & evry1 knoz i luv me sum chris brown

I should've been their and i love basketball. Especially, if chris was playing it.

I woulda tried everything....

sInCeReLy Chris's Cinderella 4 Eva Eva Eh Eh