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*~*Crushin*~*: Advic3 About Crush3s,BF's,&R3lationships

hey yall i got a question. have you eva met a boy who makes you your on cloud nine? did he eva make you feel like you were beautiful or special? well...i kinda have a crush on dis boy at my school and he makes me feel dat way. i like him, but i don't really kno how to tell him. so if yall could do me one lil' favor an help me out. it would be most appreciated.


same here i got his screen name and i messaged saying i liked him.............. i was way 2 shy 2 tell him 2 his face

lol Im shy too around guys I like but the more you talk to them the more comfortable you'll be

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Rubia & rocqin-unuqueness:
i'ma try dat see, but i'm really shy. especially when i try to talk to a boy i like. so...i'm screwed.

i am his friend and i do act flirty. i mean we hug each otha an' stuff. but i don't kno what else to do. oh...and i think you should try to talk to dat boy you like. you kno, jus try an' put yo'self out there.

well i like this guy n he likes me...well he doesnt n e more cuz i f*cked it all up n i felt like kickin a wall 2day cuz i saw him n didnt say n e thing cuz idk wat 2 say n i shouldve said something...damnit!!! but i still like him...wat should i do? and Mz.gHeTTO_FaB. if u dont really know him then get to kno him and if hes already ur friend just start actin flirty so he gets the idea

i wanna be the last number you call late at night
said i wanna be the first one that you dial when you open your eyes
i wanna be the one you run to
wanna be the one that aint gon hurt you
i wanna be yeah
wanna be yeah

yeah what rubia said see how he feels first so you know the feelings are mutual and then you wont feel awkward saying I like you and its completely out of the blue you know?

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ohh girl thats
sooo cute lol does he like you or do you think he does? thats the most inportant thing to know
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