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Real Wall 2 Wall video? Or is it real?

Chris: *sits in his car and puts the key in the ignistion*
LaMina (ME): *whisper* Chris.
Chris: *looks behind the car and sighs*
LaMina: *soars to Chris and gets in the car* Chris...
Chris: LaMina? You're still that same vampire that is a REAL vampire
LaMina: DAMNIT, he got me!
Chris: Stop the video!
Director: CUT! Let's hit it tomorrow.

LaMina: *puts on her Virginia University tee and walks with Chris Brown to the college*
Chris: LaMina, I know you is a vampire and all that and we are goin out but don't scare me like that!
LaMina: *stares at with her blood red eyes and sighs* Well, damnn! Sorry Chris.
Chris: *turns her body and grabs her waist* Listen, sorry that we had to stop the video but I love you like that baby girl. Now let's go somewhere private and talk
LaMina: It's a full moon! You'll change! That's right. *takes her finger and slides down his shirt* Maybe we can. *kisses Chris and pulls him towards Make Out Rock.*
Chris: *puts back on his shorts* Damnn baby!
LaMina: *puts back on his tee and her mini skirt*
Chris: *walks with LaMina to Virginia University and walks her to her dorm* Good Night...
LaMina: Good Night Chris. *kisses Chris* See tomorrow. *closes the door and says hi to her other vampire roomates - Unique and Nicky


I like my creation. It was inspired by the Wall to Wall video
I'm a bad girl cause I go Wall to Wall with Chris!