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Chillin - Episode One


Aquarius - 17 years old
Senior at Tucker High

Gemini - 18 years old
Senior at Tucker High

Aries - 15 years old
Sophomore at Tucker High

Chris : 17 years old
Senior at Tucker High


<strong>Monday <strong>morning - <strong>August <strong>23rd

Aquarius was walking down with Gemini to History class until she bumps into Chris Brown.

Aquarius: Oh snap! I'm sorry *accentdently kisses Chris* OMG I'm sorry
Chris: It's iight. I'm Chris! You is?
Aquarius: My name is Aquarius but they call me Aqua! *stands up with Chris and her legs shake*
Gemini: Girl , I see you at lunch iight!
Aquarius: Cool *turns to Chris* Chris! What's your next class?
Chris: History. Wanna go together?
Aquarius: Iight.
Chris and Aquarius hold hands and walk to History. Then, they accentdently trip and Chris falls on top of Aquarius!
Aquarius: *gets lost in his eyes *
Chris: *kisses Aquarius*
Aquarius: Chris? *jumps up and runs to History*
Chris: *gets up and catches Aquarius*
Aquarius: *turns around and pauses* I'm in trobule now!
Chris: Come on darlin, let's go.

Mrs. Kiki : Class get your books and turn to page 700.
Chris: Damnn.
Aquarius: What the fu**!!!
Gemini: *passes a note* "I saw ya'll kissin in the hallway, I know you enjoyed it"
Aquarius: "Ok, maybe I did enjoy the kiss but since you are pervertive, no my denim skort didn't roll up and my black blouse didn't rip"
Gemini: "OK?" *Mrs. Kiki gets the note and throws it away*
Chris: *whisper in a sexy tone to Aquarius* Call me later and meet me at lunch.
Aquarius: Ok baby.
Mrs. Kiki: Chris and Aquarius. <strong>DETENTION!!!
Everyone: Uh Oh!
Aquarius and Chris: Damnit! My perfect record <strong>GONE!
I'm a bad girl cause I go Wall to Wall with Chris!