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2day ma bday

Hey yall..2day iz ma bday and im 19 : )


happy b-day i cant wait to to turn 19 in 4 years

happy 19th birthday sweetheart!!!:)

Happy Birthday!! ;)


Happy Birthday!!!!! I just knew this was gonna be another "I just turned 12" post lol I'm glad to see more grown folk on here [I just turned 19 last month].

♫▫♥ExċLũŞїvέ Şĩştαz™♥▫♫ - Flava
♥Luvv my Sistas Forever~*~Mega Ladiez Stand Together♥™
It's Kaysha AKA Kay for those who dont know ;]


hey ma name iz amber also...thankz fa da luv guyz

Reach for the STARZ and NEVER fall back -amber☆

happy b day mama.

Breezy, blowing the competition away one day at a time.

Happy B-day. im about to be 20 in 2 more months and i cant wait. party time.Happy B-day.:)
Hi its bubbleeyes the girl with the big a$$ eyez...Big $hit poppin,and little $hit stoppin...

happy bdya mami i cant wait till i turn 19 8 more months damn it
''Take u down ,i really wanna take u down n show what im about.Can i take it now?ya body body up ya body body up n down.So dont stop gurl get it, quit playing wit it cant no more.I wanna take u down.'' i love u breezy baby.

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