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Cleveland Chris Brown fans

watsup yall! anybody who lives n cleveland and luvs chris brown should cum here! lol...




nobody really cares about cleveland.he's frm va and dats where he spends most of his time at

i am from cleveland and Chris you really need to came back we still love you here and we feel very neglected

well I stay in cincinnati i heard chris is cumin back to Ohio soon, did u hear about that???
Hey, there it is
U can feel My legs tremblei
I can feel the sweat drippin from your chest
And I be like "Ohh Ohh Ohh baby don't stop"
Then You be like "No I won't imma take ya
Yupp I am ready, ready 4 us
Chris I am ready, t0 gLoW !n tH3 D@rK!!!