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did anybody go to the chris brown concert in dallas? how was it? it was live huh?

omg i think the one in dallas was the best show ever we didnt even need the shop boys there every body was live! how did yall like it? did yall like bowwow? cause i think he sucked


the concert was amazing and i kinda liked everybody... i aint gon name no names but it was guud........chris briwn ricked the s*** out of that.....but yea i cried from te moment the countdown hit 5 seconds till the but yea it was gud


I loved it so much! And while scooter was performing I saw Chris coming from that circle stage and I ran right there since my seat was already by it and I was right there when he was performing Take You Down and Lottery. And I caught his attention and he smiled at me!

the dallas concert was amazing!!! despite the technical difficulties-lol. chris was workin it onstage