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chris brown's background ( ethnicity and sister's name)

what is chris's sister's name? its killing me not knowing!!! i would really appreciate it if someone told me. also, can someone tell me chris's ethnicity? i am getting so many different answers so i dont truly know. thanks!


Ok Chris is sexy idk if he black white mixed o what but his mamma tan and his daddy black as dirt so his momma might be mixed but he gotta black grandma and his sista name is Lytrell

Chris, I wish you would push up on me,I wish you would push up on me,I wish you would light me up and say you want me push up on me. BAm! Island babe,the carribean princcess, coming to a theatre near you..;)

lol I heard about him being hispanic LOL idk but that would be hella sexy..smh yeah right..his country ass knows a lick of spanish? I dont think so

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Who are those two little boys that dance with him? Little brothers, nephews, cousins?

ummmm i dont know his sisters name but i seen sum where that he was hispanic

his sister's name is lytrell and no1 really knoes 4 sure wat chris's ethnicity is lol

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