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Is He The ONE? (part 1)

today was an any other boring day until lunch came around. i was sitting with my gfs at our lockers chattin it up u know, eatin our micky d's and the guys came through the door. they were loud n oblivious to anyone but themselves... except for. He caught my attention and as i took a bite of my big mac, i glanced up with lettuce n mayo on my bottom lip. thank god i wiped it off in time to be in an invisable lock that held our eyes together. this goreous young, clean spiffy guy lookin at ME... (thought to myself... u gotta be kiddin right?, this is to good to be true.. im noticed) unfortunately it was too good to be true... as he turned around the corner he gave a dirty look and then a second take and once again hit me with a dirty look. oh greaaaatt now im hated by one of the hottest guys in school..but what did i do? ive never spoken to this boy everrr. my gfs noticed right way and once he was gone from our sight all i heard were buzzing bees... whyd he give u that look? do you know him? that was scary! why?.. oh my .. why me i thought to myself. that night i went home and looked him up in the year book. *flip, flip , flip* ahha got it! CHRIS BROWN. i knew it started with a c... hmm.. okay then. [NEXT DAY]
during my walk to school, runnin late as always...i see chris walkin towards me (the opposite way of school) i thought where in the world is he going... with extra shoes and a basketball? :S... we locked eyes once again but this one was a bit different. he was fine as hell and i caught a wiff of his calogne difting in he air of where we passed...****i have to continue later****


run it


real nice. real real nice
den read ma storie THE MEETING POINT
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luv Imani (soon to famous)

Hey, nice story so far.