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We need CB ova hea at tha JOHN PAUL JONES ARENA. I have posted up so many adz 4 this n tha city, an I have less than 100 votes (we sittin on 88). If u can't make it 2 Breezy's Jan. 29th concert in Richmond, VA, go to EVENTFUL.COM an vote for my boo 2 cum 2 C'Ville!

*For more information on EVENTFUL.COM or more about bringing CHRIS BROWN to CHARLOTTESVILL, VIRGINIA email me at: or

xoxo-Memi Luv-xoxo


CHRIS BROWN: Tu es muy atractivo. Siempre usted puede "HELP ME" "TAKE YOU DOWN". Porque es "EXCLUSIVE" ahora!

You are very sexy. You can "HELP ME" "TAKE YOU DOWN" anytime. Cuz it's "EXCLUSIVE", now! When you get with me, we'll be the "PICTURE PERFECT" couple and you'll know you've hit the "LOTTERY". You get me so "THROWED" that I'm constantly yearning for your "KISS KISS". "I WANNA BE" the one you go "WALL TO WALL" with, causing some "DAMAGE" when you "GIMME WHATCHA GOT". We should get "DOWN" because I can give it to you "NICE". When I'm "WITH YOU", everthang and everyone is going to have to "HOLD UP"! I can show better than tell what I wanna do to "YOU". Just call me, no, wait... "I'LL CALL YA."