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Chris Brown or Bow Wow Rhinna or Ciara

Wich ones do u lyke, wich gurl do u lyke wich boi do u lyke and tell mi wat u lyke about them


chris because unlke bow wow he is cute because of his looks but also his personality.
between rhianna and ciara it's a tie they are both humble


I like Chris because.......He is humble. I don't see him running around with full blown grills and can barely talk. He is somewhat a classic to me.

Ciara.....She has her own lane. And people can say all they want about Cici but she is still doing her thing no matter what. She is a good dancer.

bow wow and ciara
chris and jo jo

????????????????????????????? u are puzzling me??????????/ wat u want us to do???????

am i think i know????????/

Ciara and bow wow

rihanna and Chris brown????????????????