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Chris should have a dance search!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

something like Making the Dancers or Happy Feet Moves....... lol


me too!!! lol

i would love to help Chris with the searching and maybe some production and consultation of this series/reality show though!

R u serious? And how would yo idea get to him?

That would be hot! I know Chris is going to do big things with his life. If he reads this I bet he will be asking for a show.

so how many of you think you would be picked to be in the show (if he really had a dance conpetition show)?? i might be to scared to try out lol. but i would defanately watch it!!!

camera.... action...and

That woule be pretty cool.

(((I Don't Trust Him, Though I Still Love Him, No Longer Want Him♥)))

love the idea............. but i just thought of the dance off.... you completely thought outside the box............ but to add to that he should have a reality

hahaha yeah that would be tight! and then it could be like a real show on tv and the winner gets to tour with him or something