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Joy and chris


he was so sweet

Posted by JHOPSON2008


u could smile dat would had made da picture luk betta

cute pic though


cute pic gurl! u lucky lol
T3xas L0ngh0rn Chyck!('12)
Class of 2008 is who I rollz wit!!

cute picture hun

You kinda look like Latoya Luckett

Da skata girl-

i kno we had fun that night huh
oh yeah u still got my pics on ur camera i need lolz
(psssssssss this is nykki the little gurl that was with yall )

girl u waz really lucky to meet chris brown

if that were me, id b grinin from ear 2 ear...on top of that if he waz single id probably kissn him!(if i wuldnt get truble from the security gaurds LOL :)

he is finee!!!!!!!
why u aint smilelin????
i wouldve been alllll
ova him!!!!

y aint u lookin happy? i would be cheesin in tht camera if i eva got a chance 2 take a pic wit chris

***eVeN tHoUgH i AiNt HiS #1 i CaN sTiLL b HiS CnABoN***