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wat did i do to you!

kelisha waz a nice girl who grew up in a small town in virginia. she waz a top student and nobody had sumtin bad to say about her. she waz very popular wit the fellaz cuz az yall kno she waz cute too. she had long curly hair, pretty brown eyes and a golden complextion. she waz the perfect 16 yr old you culd meet.
kelisha went too a nice school and almost every body knew her and she knew every body. at least she thought so.

kelisha pov______

me:hey guys!
k'sgfs: wats up kay kay
me: im jus cool ( you sit on the step nex to re[my bff] ) sumone hand me sum shades cuz that cutie iz blindin me, i whispered to re as i saw the hottest boy i ever saw.
re: where iz he
me: right there by great oak
re: oh i see him....... mmmmn he is foine!lol
me: ima go talk to him.
re: well gud luck wit that.
as i walked to great oak i stopped to do sum touch up on my lipgloss and check myself in the mirror and continued my walk. as i got up i saw my friend rashad talkin to cutie. i hurried up to him this iz wat i said:
me: hey rashad how waz yo weekend?
rashad: um gud but yuh do kno its wednesday right
me: of course i knew that!( i slapped him ) but its jus that i havent talked to you fuh the week yet an i jus wanted to kno how it waz
rashad: oh, he turned to cutie and shruged hiz shoulders
me: well shuldent you introduce me t your friend ova there
rashad: i knew you wanted sumtin

cutie's pov____________

she's a lil ecentric............ btu she iz kinda cute........ i wonder wats her name.............. she looks kinda familiar too... too wierd.
rashad: kelisha this iz chris, chris ths iz kelisha.
hmmmmmmmnnnn that name iz too familar... well maybe itz common.
kelisha: hey chris........... chris...... chris r you there
me: huh....... oh hi.
kelisha:( laughin) hi
kelisha: oh s*** te bell, see yall later boys
rashad: bye


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kelisha pov_________

hmmmn i wonder wat he wanna sho me. hmph he betta not be up to no tricks. anyway i think this iz it. i said pointin to a nice blue house across the street. i rang the doorbell and two mins later sumbody answered.
s/l( sum lady): yes
me: hi im here to see chris
s/l: oh he'll be right out
me: thanks
s/l: wuld you like to come in?
me: uh sure why not

i walked inside and waz mesmorized at how elegantly pretty this house waz. you wuld have neva thought a tenage boy lived here. s/l showed me to wat seemed like the livin room and i took a seat on the couch. a few moments later chris came into the room wit a couple things in his hsnds. i guess he did wsnns sho me sumthin. oh well.

chris: hey wats up
me: hey, i smiled, wats that?
chris: oh these are my year books and a couple otha stuff
me: cool wat school did you go to be4
chris: me? i went to audrey jeffers jnr high then i went to east high be4 i transfered
me: no s*** i went to audrey jeffers too
chris: i knew i knew you from sumwhere, he whispers
me: wat
chris: huh... i didnt say nuthin
me: very funny
chris: um do you wanna go to the mall or sumthin
me: now
chris: yea now
me: but i just got here
chris: well now ya leavin com on lets go
me: ok

chris walks to the door and puts on one his hoodie. i get up and run to join him.


chris pov____________

damn i knew it but theres more to it. i remember her like i knew her pesonally. theres sumthin about her that i cant put my finger on, sumthin bad.

-FlAsH bAcK-
me: hey mami
kelisha: hey
me: so uh do you wanna go out- you kno on a date- i kno were just friend-but- but
kelisha: stop! chris i wuld neva eva eva eva go out wit you eva. jus face it yuh not my type an you will neva be. so stop tryin cuz ya waistin ya time
me: damn girl ya aint gotta be so harsh dont worry i'll leave ya alone you wont here from me again
kelisha: good riddons, i aint seein ya sorry ass leavin, go on, get
me: wateva
i storm cussin under my breath. damn she really hurt me.

-EnD oF fLaSh BaCk-

no s***. i think i shuld tell her....... i wonder if i shuld still talk to her.... i mean she seems nice now........ but she really hurt my feelins that day....... but she is still as pretty as i remember...... she seems to like me now

kelisha: chris....................... chris.....................chris!
me: huh....... oh
kelisha: wats wrong
me: jus thinkin
kelisha: bout wat
me; i wont lie i waz thinkin bout you
kelisha: how sweet
me: you dont remember me do you
kelisha: no........ why
me: no reason

i love it so much............... and i do say that to all of you but i love the style of writing and the story line of the stories that y'all write..

yea i wanna read more of this............

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Run iit like now plz!!!!!!! and Can i be in dis please???

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kelisha pov____________

M/T: class id like yall to meet a new student......... this is chris. chris you can sit next to kelisha ova there.
omg here he comes. quickly do sumtin. i kno smile...i smiled at him. oh thank god he smiled back! phew! hurry up say sumthin
me: hey chris
chris: hey
me: i dont kno bout you but i hate math....
chris: why i like math
me: did i say i didnt like i meant to say i didnt like bats.. he he
chris: bats??
me: uh yea bats.... you kno there so
chris: right....ok then, he whispers
me:so........... wat u doin this week end
chris: well i might just kick it wit my homies or sumtin. i dont kno yet.......
me: well i waz hopin... that you may wanna go out sum time
chris: well i guess but i'll to let you kno by friday
me: um okay, wow waz he fuhreal no one has eva not wanted to go out wit me in a heart beat...... maybe hez playin hard to get, i thought to myself
M/T: now class i need you do pgs 101-102, ex 1,2 and 4 for home work
class: awww maann
M/T: yall betta hush or i'll give you more. imediately the class went silent.


chris pov_____________

me, rashad and a couple other guys sat down at a table to eat. i waz thinkin bout kelisha for a while now. sumthin waz strange about her. i just culdent put my finger on it...
me: rashad iz that kelisha girl nice
rashad: why, do you like her
me: i dont kno sumthin's really strange about her
rashad: like wat?
me: i dont kno i feel like i kno her from sumwhere
rashad: well who knos maybe you do...... but if you do want her hurry up cuz lots of otha dudes are waitin in line
chris: thanks for the advice

kelisha pov_____________

me: yall sumthin is definitely wrong wit cuties eyes. he must be blind cuz i asked if he wanted to go out this weekend and he waz all " um i'll have to let you kno" like it waz a norm to tell people who look like me that.
re: mayb ur not his type
me: not his type, i highly doubt, besides im errybody type.
re: well ya obviously not his type
me: oh shut up
then i saw chris walkin to me, automatically i smiled at him. and again he smiled back at me. you see i am his type.
chris: hey kelisha you still up for this weekend
me: ( i tried to sound casual but not desperate) uh yeah, you wanna go to the mall or sumthin
chris: why dont you come to my house, i wanna show you sumthin
me: sure why not.
chris: aight i'll see you later.
me: bye, he looked back and smiled
girls: aaahhhhhh
me: wat im sure its nothin
re: mmmmmnnnn hmmmmmmmmm
me: its nothin

yall plz tell me if you like my story if you dont still tell me

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