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What if Chris was taken?

Chris brown could already have a girlfriend and nobody would know!!!!!!


i would kill the girl he goes out with lolz

I'd be happy for him but the girl might get a little upset.. I dont really know tho



god if he get a lady

then he'll see me

he;ll probaly dumb her

lolzzz iil bash her to bits

i love u chris brown ...

i'd get mad for a long period of time but soon get oer it he's still as fine as hell but i rather him with me then another girl. It makes me mad just to think of this but it's not like he's gonna stay single forever so we are all gonna have to forget about marrying him. As long as he's happy im happy but imthe girl for him just saying. As long as he don't forget his fans and keep doing what he doing.

I would b jealus but happy 4 him he cant stay single 4ever....

I Would cry for months until i face the truth then congratulate her for being so lucky But only after i scar her on her face for life

i wouldnt care he is still hot he still will make and has made good music idk why all these chicks are freaking out they arent even dating! but IF they were i would still like him and rihanna for that matter

i would find her and beat her down! lol sike nah. i would accept her and support him if he is happy with her.
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He hit the lottery and now he wants to take me down