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It's an aight picture


Add me!!

Posted by Bastien P.


Dat nigga iz fyn baby u can marry me

ur sexy,look a little like chris


now we have finally found someone that does really look him...don't forget 2 add me!!

sarah....peace 4 eva!!! =D

finally! someone that actually does look like him!


yo u is SEXY but not another chris.... but ur SEXYYYYYYYYYYY.....

dude stop shoppin in the women section.i hav a top like that.


--m m m m m baby got back

YU CUtE..!

U so sexy and u look just like chris brown but chris brown is still sexier.P.S. u still sexy as hell.


lookin like mini Chris B.

Oh and please post only positive things about Chris' where not here to gossip.

Im not hating just telling the truth

Da skata girl-