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TYTE CONCERT! Where's Bow wow?

I just went to the Hawaii concert, and let me tell was the best concert I have ever seen in my entire lifetime yet! Chris was awesome, all those hyphy moves, damn man, no wonder yah got all dem chicks up on ya, haha. Well, I was just wondering, where Bow Wow was? The sign read: "Due to unheard reasons, Bow Wow will not be performing tonight". I mean, Chris is the man and all, but everyone was excited to see Bow Wow too. I heard rumors of what happend, but I want the real scoop. Please respond only serious comments...



Who cares if bow wow was there or not chris still rocked

I agree with all of you! Chris did his thing on stage but it would've been nice to see Bow Wow too. Asia Cruise was pretty good, her song wasc catchy. I hope Chris comes back to Hawaii again, it was worth flying over from the Big Island, I got my money's worth.

CB hope you bless us with your talent on your next tour. =]



but i was sad to hear that lil mama, soulja boy, shop boyz, and bow wow werent there!!
and i too would like to know the reason why they didnt show up!
i heard on the radio that the first three couldnt afford their entourage so they couldnt come but idk.

but thats okay because without them, we would have had less of Chris Breezy!


Yeah...the concert here in Hawaii was off the chain! Chris did it up big...his dj had the arena rocking the whole time. Me and my girls had a blast. But I gotta admit Bow Wow would've been nice to see, but I dunno. Heard he wasn't going to be there, then he was, and show night he wasn't there. But Asia Cruise did her thing as a last minute stand in. Well, hopefully Chris Breezy blesses Hawaii again with his talent.