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Concert at Berns in Sweden

I'm going to the concert!!!
I have been longing for u for a million of years now!!!
And finally are u coming!!!
I can't wait until mars 14!!!

Chris <3

Är det någon annan från Sverige som ska dit?



im dissappointed at u chris, cuz i waited so long for u to come to sweden and when you finally came it was only from age 20 and im only 15 :( .. im a really biig fan of you <3


Chris Brown is touring in Europe! He will be in concert at Berns in Stockholm on March 14 2008.

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Hi all, nice to meet you.


hallå det är 20års åldersgräns:(

jag ska :D<3


I really want 2 go but its 20+ and im 19 so it really sucks :S Gonna try 2 get my friends mom to go ith us so that we can get in :P
CB lovee

I'm going to! :)
i want a vip/backstage pass
and i want to play some ball with Chris Breezy