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yea thats Chris and he look so fine in that picture

dat aint no lookalike dats chris come on now dats the real thing

if nobody can tell dat 's chris they are stupid.I can tell my husband any place any time!!!!!!


this is def. chris brown=] i could identify him from anywhere =] because ima all of his =]

that's my baby

that is the real christopher maurice brown!!!!!!

-The one and only Mizz Brezzy

duh this is the real chris brown
mrs.chrisbreezy...the only 1

when i saw this at the top i was like.. this mite look like him for real. NICE ONE. but yeahh -- cant get enought =]] haha jus playinn

&& i must be that ebony chica

ya almost had me for a second but i know dis da one and only Christopher Brown! the tatoo on his hand is that one of his new ones

~*Ebony aka the next star*~