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*Cries* Dont' you ever Embarrass me like that again!!!%$@X

Well,well,well,there are some issues going on.Apparently Beyonce is the jealous type.I am not spreading rumours or nothing but there are pics and vids of a quarrel that Rihanna and Jay had with each other.He felt very embarrassed by her and he was pissed off because she hugged him in front of Beyonce.Haven't y'all noticed that they were a little "flirty" when the award was given to her on stage.She was yelling back at him during the after party and everyone heard.The pics have been taken and the infamous rumour about her and Chris has been confirmed that they are dating.So ya,the link,the vid and the pics are posted below.Don't hate cuz I posted this.If you don't like it nor are you interested than you don't have to reply.Peace.

Oh and don't judge the website by its name.It gives factual stories.SOmetimes.But the witness is correct on many things.So please read.