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okay i was jus snoopin around on da web and i saw a bebo page and dey said dat dey were chris brown. i noe u cant realli believe everything u see but i was realli drawn 2 it. i looked at how many friends dey had dey had like more than 500,000 friends. den i looked at dere blog and it had like everything that chris has done and dey even had things from the past dat chris said dat he will do and den later ended up doin it. check out da page at da link below and tell me wat u think about it.


Does chris brown have a readl bebo page or what..??

did any one find it yet..??


ima post this again. lol he dont have a bebo page...a girl on cbb confirmed it with someone who knows dont believe dem fakes ya digg?

da one im friends wit, i think iz reely him. ppl say, y would he put dat stuff on there but it makes since 2 just like myspace.


i really dont care if he does have a bebo! doesnt hurt me

lol he dont have a bebo page...a girl on cbb confirmed it with someone who knows dont believe dem fakes ya digg?

Awww funny "This profile appears to have been cancelled.".. yall must have scared that dude (jokes) anyways theres got to be ATLEAST 20 bebo profiles that claim their the real Chris Brown.. all in all does CB even know what Bebo is?!?!>. im being realistic.. i dont know tho we dont get much CB on TV here.. i find most info out thru wedsites and newsletters..

he MIGHT have a real bebo page or might have a rep that set up a CB bebo.. but who really knows

Yah Gurl..Harlem-Styze..

CB does not have a bebo page...errywun dat is on dem bebo tips sayin they chris brown is some fake.

idk myself, i wish i had hiz reel bebo, i would talk to him nonstop, ADD ME AS A FRIEND ON BEBO: mrz~br33zy~4~lyfe u-know-im-hiz-4eva


I thought that he was the real one, can someone post his real Bebo?

IT might be on interview on youtube he said he do talk to his fans in messages stuff he also said that people say who is one of the fewer celebs that do that. he say he do that cuz since he famous that dont change him


doubt its chris brown.. on the real, chris wudnt be postin his email in the public like celeb wud..nd dat email..prolly sumwun bootlegged it...u all can try it tho ( i added it anyways...have sum funn messn with this dude)and see if it works..but prolly sum die hard fan did it. gluck (Y) lol