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*Chris Brown News*

If you are interested I got an email from one of the people who know about Chris.Let me clarify for you Dominque(you all know him).So ya this is what he said.

Chris Brown Making The Rounds

Posted: 02 Feb 2008 11:20 AM CST

It appears that Chris will be overseas for an extended period of time. Right now he's not in the continental U.S.

Anyway, what I wanted to inform you of is that Chris Brown will be in in Holland on the 10th, performing as well as Sweden on March 15th. According to Mina and Vanessa, the event in Sweden is for 20+ audiences. As far as the other even in Holland, I am unsure.

Make sure that if you're one of his many Swedish fans you check him out while he's there.

Gotta love the global superstar-dom!

So even thought CBWEB don't work right now I can tell you what's going on cuz Dominique always informs me and others by email.KK.


Your welcome mama lisha.Thatz the best I could do.I'll inform y'all of more things in the future.Until that dumbass website works properly.:)

Tell it like it is!
All I eat is breakfast.Now what?!LOL.

F^ck these updates he ain't come here.

J/K **exiting post**

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So I wonder if Rihanna is gonna be in all those places with Chris Brown...Like, at the same time Chris Brown will be there.



thanx for the update.
Breezy, blowing the competition away one day at a time.