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everybody that was reading ~~~**MY TIME TO SHINE**~~~

I'm sorry cause now i cant add to it anymore...i came on here to add but i got if you where really into the story and liked it alot im sorry cause i had a good add today.....and i had another story that i wanted to start....( im hella mad about this right now)....I MISS THE FANFICTION


u can still go 2 the old fanfic site n post there : chris_#1_twins posted the link n the directions 2 do it on here in 1 of the thingies- just bookmark the page when u get there n lets hope they dont shut the whole thing down - we do needa find sumwhere else 2 post them cuz this board sucks n i love readin fanfic stories - its the only reason i come on here n i LOVE ur stories so pleez dont quit em lol ttyl gurl!
~*Courtney B*~

Didnt I tell all yall story writers to save yall stuff. I knew they was gon start a new forum and yall stuffw as gon get deleted.
I dont blame you 4 being mad...I would be too.
Sorry! : (
Thats My Devin and I`m His Motivation!


~~~** Imani **~~~