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I would REALLY appriciate it if Chris could............

If Chris came to a site I made about him ::

And answer some of the questions his fans have for him. If ur reading this, thankz, and plzz visit my site and show some love and support our fan sight. PLZZZZ thats all I ask. plzz reply!

--Ladii Jay


i agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sooooo mcuh i would luv to cummincate mmore with him...????????/

dont h@t3 d@ pl@y@ h@t3 d@ g@m3.....................

i third it to the fullest!!!!!!!!!


Yo! I'm a fan of chris brown's and i will go and check the website out. And i agree with you chris should go and check the website out and answer some of the questions that us fans have to ask..
LilL Angel....