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~~*The 20th century: Jekyll && Hyde*~~

July 30, 2007

Dear Diary,
Summer is coming to an abrupt end. It was peaceful, for the most part. It gave me a chance to get away from those ignorant people, nagging faculty members, and demanding administration. I spent my summer hoopin’ with my boys and selling shoes.
I have nothing much to report about today. Except for the fact that somebody else is moving in next door. That Mrs. Wilson finally croaked. Thank God! But, now I have some new neighbors to get used to. I hope they don’t have any kids. I hate kids, especially bratty ones.

Briana closed the ragged pages of her diary, which was titled: “My Confessions”. Her grandma gave her the diary a few days before she passed away. The diary used to be hers when she was younger. It was full of secrets that no one knew about except for Briana. It was one of Briana’s few cherished items. She wasn’t very materialistic, and it bothered her to meet people who were.
Briana ran her hand over the front of the diary. It was covered with a collage of pictures of her grandmother. They were very close, and it took a lot out of her when she passed. A teardrop launched off of its platform and landed on the diary. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. She gazed at the back of her hand. Her knuckles were swollen, scarred, and bruised. Every mark had a different story. Someone got smart, was talkin’ trash, was disrespectful, looked at her wrong, etc. Many people had felt the wrath of Miss. Bri-Bri. She smirked, “Proudly fighting boys since 2006.”

She tucked the small book in between the mattresses and rolled over on her back. Her eyes watched the speeding fan. The cold air felt good up against her slender body. She let her mind slip off into a trance. Before she knew it, she had dozed off.
The atmosphere reeked of terror. There was blood on the walls and the floor was covered with debris [lamps, papers, chairs, etc.]. In front of her was a man. She couldn’t make out the face, but his voice was very familiar. He screamed, “Get the f*** up!” All of a sudden she felt a sharp pain in her stomach. Her heart began to race, and she woke up in a cold sweat. She breathed in deeply, cherishing every breath. “Life is so short,” she said to herself “I will never be in a relationship like that again.”

Bri glanced at the clock. The red lights read 2:50. She blurted, “Oh s***! I have to be at work in ten minutes!” She jumped out of the bed and ran to her closet. She grabbed her referee shirt and threw on her white corduroy skirt. She flew down the stairs and grabbed her car keys along with her Chanel purse, from the kitchen counter. She pressed the garage door button. The sunlight rushed in and covered the curves of her Ford Mustang GT. The chrome danced in the light. She hopped in and pulled out of the garage. She pressed the garage door remote in her car, and it closed with a loud “Bang”. She let up off of the gas, pressed the clutch and shifted gears all the way to work.

She found her usual parking spot was taken. She growled, “f***ers…better be happy I don’t have time to key yo s***!” She parked in the last row of the parking lot. The mall was more crowded than usual. There was a mall wide sell going on, and everybody and they mama was there. She entered the war zone on the Dillards side. She pushed her way through the aggressive crowd and found herself at her destination, Foot Locker. She walked back behind the counter, “Sorry I’m late Teddy!”

“Yea mmhmm,” Teddy said in a frustrated voice. “Just get out here and help some of these customers! I’m goin’ on break.”

“Ok,” Bri replied. Bri scanned the store for puzzled customers. (You can tell a lot by one’s facial expression.) She walked up to a young couple and asked to help them.

“Yea, can I get this shoe in a 12?” A young, tall, slender male with bronze skin and caramel eyes asked.

“Sure. Let me go get that for you.” She forced a smiled and walked back to the back where all the shoes were kept. She found the blue and white camouflage Air Force and walked it out to the customer.

“Thank you sweetheart,” he licked his lips and winked his right eye then opened the box.

His girlfriend hit him upside the head, “What do you think your doing?!”

“Damn baby, I was just…”

“No!” she yelled and crossed her arms. He got quiet.

Bri didn’t bother to say anything more. She couldn’t stand niggas like him. If she weren’t on the job, he would’ve been hurtin’ by now.

She walked back to the counter where there was a queue of people waiting to be checked out. As she walked around the corner somebody in the back of the line said, “Damn shorty, you gonna give daddy the digits??”
Once behind the register she responded, “How about this digit?” Then she went on to flick him off. The line of people laughed at him. Bri rang up the first customer all the way down to homeboy who tried to spit game.

Finally, the store began to quiet down. The wave of people had left. But, there would be another wave coming in soon. She sat back in the stool and watched the big screen that was advertising the BET awards. A few moments later her boss Teddy walked in. He sighed, “Nice to see that the crowd has died down. I was starting to get stressed.”