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Ash =D


I see the ch-ch-ch-ch-changes on here. That was a long time coming eh?

Anyways I missed yall. How's it hanging?

Yo no smilies son? That's wack lmao


ash? this you?

"Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live."-Bob Marley

Aaaaassssh!!!! I didnt know it was you.... until now!
I've missed ya soooo much! I saw ur pic on myspace but I didnt know it was you lol. I was like "who's that?" then I got too lazy to check lol.

I'll hit you up on myspace whenever you get back, and I hope you're doing great!

I luv ya username lmao! You're too nutty :P

...-*Lady Kay*-..

I dont know how to work this thing

Hey, if ya'll remember me from the old *free* Chris Brown Messageboard add me and talk to me because I am very confused about this whole new thing!