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Is Chris Doing Any Movies Anytime Soon?

Whats up chris I was just wonderin if you were goin to be in another movie some time soon and im sure that others want to know too?


What was after school about?

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yea he is go to

why isnt chris gonna b in after school anymore??

yeah its called this chrismas...but chris brown isnt in after school anymore..but i heard he was in phenom..anyway this chrismas is in i think november 21rst

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Missz Br33zY♥

WOAH! you're like, the first boy i seen on here....

yeah, i heard that he was gonna be in "christmas" but i LOVED him in stomp the yard, so i hope he is in a lot more movies

he is going to be in a movie called Christmas i think it comes out in Nov.

ammmm...wat u living in Cloud 9???????????????????? he has three.........

after school- this year
this christmas- this year
phenom- next year