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victim of a tortured soul...

i don't know how to post pics or change font or anything because this is my first story on here, but i hope ya'll like it!



I stayed by my brother, Chris as we made our way up to the dingy brick building. Crack heads littered the sidewalk and prostitutes passed us looking for another place for the night. I didn’t want to be here…but we had no choice. Mom was dead and Dad had full custody over us now. I didn’t think it was fair. How could they make me live with a man that I ain’t never met before, and worst off, it’s in a neighborhood like this. That’s okay though, I had Chris, and he wasn’t afraid of anything. Chris pulled open the door to the apartment building and let me walk in first. Babies hollered. Hispanic children played in the middle of the floor. Gosh, could it get any worse? Chris walked over and handed his paper to the apartment manager.

“E 31?” he asked and pointed around the corner.

“You can either take the elevator or the stairs, I advise the stairs because the elevator gets stuck sometimes.” I looked up at Chris but he paid close attention.

“You take a right and you’ll see a long narrow hallway going both ways, take that left and it’s the third door on the right.”

“aiight, appreciate it.” Chris said walking off with our bags. I followed staring at the manager. He winked at me and it gave me the creeps. He has absolutely no real teeth…I don’t think. We opened the door to the stairs and all kinds of things were in there. I hopped over roaches and stepped over people passed out from alcohol.

“Chris…I don’t want to be here.” I said quietly but he shushed me and we carried on. We reached the top of the stairs and made our way down the halls. Music boomed through apartment doors and arguing could be heard through others. There were gunshots in the walls also. Tears brimmed up in my eyes and Chris pushed me in front of him.

“Walk faster aiight.” he said gently. Chris was never mean to me. He was just protective…maybe too protective sometimes. Chris only yelled at me maybe twice in my entire life time. I was happy that he was a great big brother though. He was the only male influence that I had...possibly the only one i'd know...


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Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it
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Run It!


Period Suxx!!
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Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it
Missz Br33zY♥

i like thi keep runin it..

LiL Angel...

Chapter one


We reached E 31 and we could hear a lot of commotion. A males voice called to a woman.

“Finish vacuuming, I think they’re almost here.” he said. The ruckus stopped and Chris knocked on the door. The door swung open and a man answered. He was a tall looking guy with a little muscle, a nice smile, curly good hair and hazel eyes. It shocked me how much Chris looked like our dad.

“Wow.” he said stepping back a little. Me and Chris smiled slightly.

“You’ve grown so much.” he pulled us both inside and hugged Chris first.

“How are you?” he asked.

“I’m good.” Chris said quietly. The guy looked at me and hugged me close.

“Alicia…you’re so beautiful.” I didn’t buy that crap. He wouldn’t have even recognized me as his own daughter if he saw me on the street.

“Thank you.” I said barely above a whisper. He stepped back and looked at us.

“Patricia! There here.” he called. A tall Spanish lady came switching in with her tight fitted dress on. It hugged her curves and her boobs nearly spilled over the top. My mouth dropped open but Chris didn’t seem surprised. I looked down at my own figure. Hopefully when I get my period I’ll look like that!

“Hola mejo!” she hugged Chris.

“Wow, you grew so big and strong.” she said in her accent.

“I said the same thing.” our dad piped in.

“I remember when you were a little muchacho this high!” she held her hand not too far from the floor. Chris looked at me from the corner of his eye. He never told me he met this lady before. I felt a little angered by that because we told each other everything…I wonder why he would keep that from me. She then looked at me.

“And you.“ she said smiling.

“You’re a little bonita princess eh.“ she said hugging me.

“I haven’t met you before. What’s your name mi amor.“ she asked. I looked at the floor.

“Alicia.“ She looked up at our father and he quickly shrugged his shoulders. What was that supposed to mean?

“Well Alleecia” she said through her accent.

“We’re gonna have a lotta fun here! You just wait!“ she looked up at our father again and they had a secret conversation with their eyes. We all stood in silence for a few seconds until the Spanish lady spoke.

“Well! Let’s eat!” she screamed. My dad smiled and began setting the table. I looked at Chris and he looked back at me. We had some type of Spanish red beans and some other weird stuff…what ever it was, it was good! My stomach hurt a little afterwards but I didn’t care.

“Let me show you to your cuatros.” she said.

“Our what?” I looked at her. She laughed.

“Your rooms. Let me show you to your rooms.” I looked up at Chris but he seemed to be a little zoned out…I wonder why? He’s been like this the last few days…I guess it’s because of mommy and her dying…I miss her a lot.

“We don’t have much space so…you two don’t mind sharing for a night do you.” I looked up at Chris again… Me and Chris never shared a room in our life…and he’s a boy! That’s not allowed.

“I’ll take the couch for tonight and let Alli have the room.” he said in his usual low tone. I smiled and looked around. The wall paper was filled with baby dolls and blocks…footballs, basketballs…everything. Chris looked around the room as well and Patricia smiled.

“I’m sure you remember this room Christopher.” she said. Her tongue rolled on the s and the r in his name. I giggled to myself.

“Yeah, I do.” he smiled sadly. Again, Chris never told me he was even here before! That’s when it dawned on me…there are no children here!

“Sorry about all the colors and such. When James and I were expecting, we were expecting twins, we were gonna make this room a nursery.” she said. My eyes scanned from the baby pink to the pale yellow and then the sky blue.

“What happened to them?” I blurted out without thinking. Chris shot me a look.

“I um…Miscarried…both.” she said.

“Oh…” my words trailed off.

“I’m sorry.” I tried to make up for me being nosy.

“Well, I’m sure they would’ve loved it here…I know I’m going to.” I smiled the best I could and Chris nudged me a little. He knew I was being fake.

“Well…I’m happy to hear that Alleecia.” she said.

We stood there in an awkard silence until our dad walked in.

“Well, it’s kind of late…you kids should be getting ready for bed now.” he said trying to sound like a father. I knew he wasn’t use to it. I bet he probably cusses and drinks a lot of beer like all other men. Chris set my bag down and I went through it looking for my night clothes and clean under garments.

“You can bathe in this bathroom.” Patricia said. She handed me towels and I went into the bathroom. Gosh my stomach hurts. I turned the shower on and pulled off my clothing…that’s when I noticed something in my underwear…blood…A sudden scream pierced through the walls…it didn’t take long to notice it was my own…

Run It♥

Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it
Missz Br33zY♥

run it

This is really good. Run It!


Damn i like this
Run It♥
Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it
Missz Br33zY♥