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Hey guys I went to look at the billboard charts to see where Chris is on the charts and he hasnt cracked the top 20 yet. He is actually dropping right now so we gotta get that up at least into the top 10 if not #1. We gotta start requesting the song on our local radio stations, and we have to keep voting for his video on the countdowns. C'mon guys Chris needs to be #1 on the billboard charts lets make it happen.



Hey I went to and Chris moved up a little from 51 to 46 on the hip hop/RnB charts thats progress now we just have to make it better because 46 is definitely not good enuff.

In other news is anyone else bothered by the fact that wall to wall isnt on the 106 countdown, I know I have been voting several times every day. I dont know about yall but I felt really bad on wednesday when Chris was there and he didnt have his video on the countdown, you know he was dissapointed too. VOTE or DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! (im jus palyin but please vote)


Looks like we are losing the battle at this rate there is no way the album will come out august 28th I just checked the billboard charts he isnt in the top 50 and he moved up like 2 spots last week on the RnB charts but even that was short lived. I checked today and hes not even in the top 50 on the RnB charts this is really really really bad. Wall to Wall isnt even in the 106 and Park countdown anymore. We are seriously letting Chris down. I dont know about you but I have been voting my ass off everyday on radio stations and on the countdowns. Please Chris really needs help right now just focus on one station and request the song like crazy until they are playing it over and over again the more spins we get the higher we can get him on the charts. If there was ever a time that Chris needed us its now we need to show him that it wasnt a mistake to release Wall to Wall early. He needs us lets not let him down, please show your support and keep voting and requesting


i request his song everyday at my radio station heck they even kno my name now everytime i call in they alredy kno wat i want them to play


I just went to and Chris isnt even in the top 50 of the top 100 singles and he is #41 down form #35 last week on the RnB charts. He is behind songs I have never even heard. This isnt good we gotta do sumthin. I have requested his song 20 times today we have to turn this around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okayy.. ive got some of the radio stations links so you can go vote for wall to wall.. you can try to find your station or you can just vote for them all....

Hot 98.3

106 KMEL

Hot 93.7

Radio Now 93.1

Wild 102.9

101.1 WIZF

Hot 102.9

WAMO 106.7

Power 99FM

Z93 Jamz

Hot 107.1

Hot 93.3

97.9 The Beat


97.9 The Box

Here They Are...
Also Go && Vote On The Viseo Countdowns On TRL && BET!

it wont let me post them.... i got them through myspace.... from a chris brown fan page in the bulletins... i tried to post them but whrn you click on it it takes you to the myspace homepage

if you click on read more... you will be able to click on the links

vvvv link us to dem sites.

Seriously.. we do need to help chris out.. i have heard about this awhile ago... i got a list of radio stations sites and i requested wall to wall on all of them... i also request it on all the video countdowns that i can... we really need to help... && plus if Chris doesnt rank high enough his album release date will be pushed back.. so far i heard that it has...=[[

Yeah, we gotta get Chris up there- he deserves it.

(((Her Smile Lights Up Tha Room [♥] And She Ain't Got No Attitude)))
[♥Nobody's Like Young Chris, Noo♥]

thank you allstarr I really appreciate that


I booked how youre one of da only people that are trying their best to get cb on the top charts...
give you my respect CamCam lol.
and as for voting...ive actually voted a couple of times to once again show respects to cb.
but ur rite.. y'all needa vote and request his songs still...

- eaase.