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Posted by GULITY


i think you mean to put you look like chris on "Everybody Hates Chris", but dis is da wrong website because here we all love chris but not da one you lookin like


u lookin a lil confused there

ill dayumm ur so ugly
u do look like 1 of them boys


you look more like the boy who was D.J on Stomp the yard

lyk like souljabooooyyy

y just y would u EVER put this picture on her like what were u thinking??
ur supposed to look like CHRIS BROWN!!

do u see how sexii chris brown is???

look at urself and look at chris brown
theres a HUGE difference

no u aint no sexi U UGLY and ya he do look like that dude of erybody hate chris! lol but NOT c~breezy!


u kinda look like l boy of everybody hates chris...!!...!!(LOl)

y me