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CB talks about HOT NEW ALBUM

go to click the search bar........put in " 12 new summer songs" on 12 new summer songs.......go to the first article it should say 1 of 13 at the top........ENJOY


Awww..."sometimes ill bite my nails so theyll look really bad so i get a MANicure im still a boy so i dont like that" that was adorable yo...but THATS WUSSUP!...

Thas Cute.. And Me And Chris Have Sumthin In Common We Both Bite Our Nails LoL But My Motha Put A Stop To That So I Have Tips And I Dont Bite Them Cuz They Probably Taste Nasty LMAO

--->Sunny<--- RoCkS ThE MiC RiGht!!!.........LoL SIKE!!!!!!!! BuT I Do RoCk lOl