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new story......."When I was lookin 4 Me I found You"

The memory

As I hear loud music and see smoke everywhere and half naked women dancin up on intoxicated men, i realize i shouldn't be here.But I was determined to find my mother and get her out of this hell house. As I finally spot her she says to me "go back home and stay the hell out of my life!". I turned around and started to run with tears in my eyes. When a man pulls me by me neck and throws me on the floor and kicks me in my chest. I scream in agnany. He begins to start unbuttoning his pants. I see my mom and the guy over top of me laughin. That's the last thing I remember before I blanked out. .......... 5 years later..............
Run it please chris brown is on his way in the story
"ahhh ahhhh ahhhhh, man i hate dat dream" I say cryin. Almost every night I wake up crying remembering what happen that night. Reliving that moment over and over again. As I wipe the tears from my eyes I get up and get ready for school. "Great another hell day". I can see my roommate is already up and dress, I say "good morning" to her and I continue to get ready. After I'm finsh we both head downstairs for breakfast. We both have the wierdest names. Harmony,(thats Me) and Luv. we both laugh at it. Luv is the only person I talk to here at the home and at school. We live in a home called "Jeffrey Brown Love & care Home, in oakland,california. There are 300 children here. And Luv is the only person that really understands and listens to me. I really communicate with her better. Not sayin no one else is cool it's just that I have a special bond with her. Luv is the kind of person who is kind,understanding,caring,goofy, a great friend and will always have your back. Everyone knows her and she never bothers no one, but dat don't mean she won't kick yo ass lol. She's been here for 12 years.