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Isn’t Diamond the cutest little puppy??? She was just so chill and laid back, and I loved how caring and nurturing Chris was with her. Too Kute!!!!!!!!!



where can i c her?


i got dat pic on my profile. Dat's Diamond@ChrisBrownsgirlxxx

♪God didn't make me 4 u to like me, but u will respect me!♪
My name is Kayla a.k.a. Kay Kay
DiANNY (Twin)

Diamond is chris brown puppy!!!!!!!!


who is diamond? i dont know which puppy that is?

Yeah, that was really sweet.♥

(((Her Smile Lights Up Tha Room [♥] And She Ain't Got No Attitude)))
[♥Nobody's Like Young Chris, Noo♥]

Yeah thats wussup!...
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