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H.B.I.C!! (y/n and Chris story) Cast Call..I'm proud of

lol I'm really proud of this story, this isn't my first story. I've got another story called " My Rise!!" Yall can check that out if you would like...but anyways this story just popped in my head...I need 3 girls that are gonna come into play a little later. I need somebody to be Chris's Sister, I need somebody to be the main character's sister. I think that's all. Umm all I ask for is your name and what you would like to look like oh and your personality...Please be detailed when describing urself.cause I'm prolly just gonna copy and paste it right back on I'm doing first come first serve...Sooo ummm yeah....


I'm putting you all in's the link to the story!!!

name : nene
Age< up 2 u
Personality: nice,goofy, funny, will mess u up,fresh 2 def, and always got bank(money)
does chris have a little sister?????

can i be in it??

Cast call info
Name: NyAri...LB
Role: Leads best frnd
Personality: loud... crazy....mad goofy....loyal frnd and grlfrnd....will fight if i have to.....uh...i love dancin
Age: 19 or wateva fits.....
Kids: Rylin
Age: 10 months

.....! b3 d@t l!t3 br!t3 b!tch h0ll@ @t m3.....

Alrighty I'm going to just tell everyone a little about the story.

This story is about Y/n Y/l/n. If you ask her she's the best thing since sliced bread, and every boy in school thinks the same. But who would blame them. She's beautiful. With Caramel skin, shoulder lentgh hair and a thick posterior. Typical video looking female. When a new boy moves to her town and Starts to ignore her. Y/n wont have it, everybody know's that ALL GUYS LIKE HER...point blank. With this new boy in her neighborhood and her reputation as Highschool knock out slowly dwindeling. Is Y/n finally getting that reality check that everyone warned her about! alrighty guys I still need a few more parts before I can start!

okie doke..I'm bout to make the other ones

Ummmmm I'll take "her sister"

I love my friends like *Family*

Sorry Christina Chris Brown's girlfriend's gonna end up being the lead, and even i gave him one...I wouldn't want to have to have the main character steelin him from get you can be the her sister or her friend....I kno Chris Brown's is there any other guy you'd want....and sheena yeah that was perfect!! Imma start as soon as all the parts are filled.

Name: Christina
Role: Is chris going to have a girlfriend? haha I've never played as a GF in a story before
Personality: Nice, outgoing, your "diary" , good person to talk to, a down to earth person
Age: Whatever fits

I love my friends like *Family*

Role: Chris brown's sister
Personality: Funn, outgoing, outspoken, energetic,lykes to get in ppl business,b****y at times but not all the tyme...( isz that enuff?)

Haters keep on hating, cause somebody's gotta do it
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