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Okay this here is my opinion on our indusrty man... Okay for the ACTORS AND MODELS on here who's aspiring and what not i say GO HEAD cuz those two branches of the industry as fine. i mean model(tyra, naomi,gisslle ) yall cool and actors ( halle B , Lauren London, Terrrence howard) yall holding it down and our dancers are too there are really some GREAT choreographers who do theyre job well just like the woman from MTB4! since all the industry is fine WHY DOES IT SEEM LIKE THEYRE LETTING JUST ANY DERN BODY SING NOW A DAYS! and im NOT hating.. bashing.. nothing. i really wonder if in the future to be a singer will u have to SING or will have to LOOK GOOD! just sit back .. and THINK about it .. lok closely at these new artist and things like that our good singers are slowly leaving.. whiteny... mary J.. even Mariah , and Xtina(chrisitna A). why should our industry be like this. so for all the singers on here who can sing and KNOW they want their dream GO GO GO for it cuz you reading this now could be the VERY ONE to bRING SINGING ... REAL music back.. im saying this because my friend who's auditiong for american idol would have NEVER decided to go for the audition if i hadnt had told her these same words.. so i hope i open someones eyes today to reality of whats going on.

thanks you guys



Yeah I like what you wrote.................I'm 5 days late lol Nothing muich I'm just watching TV

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Y3AH ii AGR33 ii WAS LiiSTENiiNG T0 THE RADii0 AND ii WAS LiiKE WTF...TH3R3 AR3 0NLY A F3W R3ALLY G00D N3W SiiNG3RS 0UT N0W...iiM iiMMA DEFiiNAT3LY G0 F0R iiT!!!((ACTiiNG THAT iiS))

*ii"M [[LUViiN]] M3 SoM3 CHRiiS BRoWN*

i agree i mean its so much space out there for REAL talent and i LOOOVE to sing but Cassie her looks was the MAIN reason she got a record deal and especially me bein a dark skinned girl i know imma really have to struggle to make it

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nothing much girl... whats up wit you was ur name.. u like what i wrote..?

nenah2 fly!

What's up Nenah.....................

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